Your Guide to the Science of Engagement

Filed under Guides by Adam Torkildson on July 28, 2017 at 5:55 PM

Over the years, we’ve seen some tremendous changes in technology; now, every 60 days YouTube sees more videos than three major US networks over the course of 60 years. When it comes to marketing, engagement has quickly become the key factor and ultimately it comes down to two main points; a) the value of increasing engagement and transforming monthly users into daily users and b) converting followers into co-creators.

In today’s world, gamification is perhaps the most important technique for companies but the rules seem to be changing every day. If we look towards Airbnb and Uber, we find two of the hottest companies around right now. However, they have something very important in common; they own absolutely no properties and no vehicles respectively. Essentially, the majority of us could start the same business within a week because the startup costs are so small. In the marketing world, Skylab Apps is equally leading the field and helping brands to build a large following.

If you’re unaware, Skylab Apps is a social engagement platform that allows a similar ecosystem to be created as Airbnb and Uber. However, these two invested heavily on marketing whereas you can get started within an affordable budget. In recent times, Skylab Apps has been turning the market on its head because, previously, this sort of power would only be available to those with huge budgets and the best developers in the industry; you can do it with a few thousand dollars.

Although social media has been a fantastic addition in recent years, there always seems to be a lack of control for brands and influencers. Now, you have an opportunity to bring your community into one easy-to-manage platform for the first time. Using the Skylab platform, you can track, train, and reward your tribe (followers).

Nowadays, influencers tend to rely on Facebook Groups but there is still a lack of control and analytics here. By fully understanding the Science of Engagement, these same followers can be brought across into your own digital sandbox where they become co-creators and a referral machine. Furthermore, the notion that you need millions of followers is simply wrong and Kevin Kelly once addressed this in his book; he said all public figures – including artists, musicians, performers, photographers, etc – only needed 1,000 ‘True Fans’ to earn a living.

Whilst Airbnb, Skylab, and Uber know their customer’s needs are the top priority, they also know that engagement is where money is made. The longer people are engaged, the more likely they are to take action and get involved with the company. For Airbnb, they gain a renter/homeowner; for Uber, this is a new driver/rider; for Skylab, this can be a multitude of different things depending on the business model.

Allysian Science – Recently, Allysian Science decided to adopt Skylab into their business and the results were simply amazing. Not only did they gain monthly and daily active users, they had access to all sorts of analytics from actions taken to the courses completed. Once you gain access to all this data, it allows for real optimization and you get to see what works as well as what doesn’t.

The CheerLife App – Elsewhere, The CheerLife App also chose the Skylab platform and it has completely transformed the cheerleading industry. Over the past four years, over 400 people have been joining cheerleading each day with 75% wanting to stay up-to-date with related news and Skylab has made it happen.
Summary – Every year, technology takes another giant leap forward and this leads to progression in the Science of Engagement. Currently, the idea is being optimized and transformed and Skylab is right at the center of the action!

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