When Technology and Industry Combine

Filed under Research by Adam Torkildson on August 15, 2017 at 6:07 AM

It’s not too hard to think about technology and industry from the same fundamental perspective, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth considering regarding specific intersections. Because mobile technology is so prevalent now, a lot of different industries can utilize the ability to travel in a variety of beneficial ways.

Think about things like industrial building projects that can now be managed remotely. Or how project management software puts resources all in the same place, so everyone involved in a process has the same real-time data. A lot of the frustrations and accidents that would happen regularly in the past can now be alleviated.

Industrial Building Projects

Industrial building projects, in particular, can benefit from mobile technology advances. And from a contracting perspective, it’s possible to look at construction materials from a much more detailed perspective to have an accurate assessment of everything from job completion status to safety features. Tablets and cellphones are now ubiquitous in nearly every type of industrial work site, and there are all kinds of communication applications that help create a productive environment for all involved.

Project Management Software

From a software standpoint, company owners can install project management software on all of the appropriate computer systems and have people connect via their mobile phones so that everyone is consistently on the same page. There are amazing and customizable versions of a lot of the software that have all the necessary assets for individual use, which means there is far less red tape and far more detail which can be looked at by people who need to make important decisions.

On-Site Vision

Then there is the potential of on-site imaging. Especially if you use a 360-degree video camera, any person on the site can wander through the construction area, and someone remotely can have a 360° view of everything going on. This type of application in an industrial setting has tremendous potential for any member of a company to be able to add their insight to a visual representation of the project.

Big Data In the Cloud

And finally, technology and industry combined when it comes to big data in the cloud. Not all information needs to be used at all times, but when it comes to industrial construction projects, in particular, the more data points there are, the better. Programs can run, and even artificial intelligence ones at this point, to determine what kind of trends are available concerning input given from different construction sites. Big data can help with safety, budget, timelines, and all sorts of other various aspects of any major project. Especially when companies begin to share this data together, an entire industry can improve drastically.

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