Ways Technology is Both a Blessing and a Curse For Businesses

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It may be surprising to hear, but technology can be both a blessing and a curse for businesses. For those born in the older generations who are used to doing things a certain way, it can be a serious challenge to try and grasp all the advancements being made in the realm of technology, especially those pertaining to business.


For the most part, business used to be pretty one dimensional. There was not a lot of opportunity to branch out past your close borders to bring whatever it was you were selling to other people. That’s why traveling salesmen existed. It was through the traveling salesmen like Willy Loman that any product was able find its wings in lands beyond where it was originally conceptualized.


Besides traveling salesmen there were catalogs and that was pretty much it. That is until the internet came along. Here are some reasons technology is both a blessing and a curse for businesses.


Blessing #1: Globalization Gives Great Opportunity


Globalization is the act of businesses or technology spreading across the world. It’s a world marketplace that has no limitations. Language doesn’t stop globalization, and neither do international borders. Globalization was made possible by the internet, and further, the World Wide Web. When the World Wide Web was invented in the 90’s anybody could go online, create a website, and sell the product to anyone in the world who had a connection.


Blessing #2: Necessity Breeds Invention and Invention Changes History


Though it’s hard for a lot of people to accept change, it’s a very necessary happenstance. As Plato said “Necessity is the mother of invention”, there is a need, and invention will always arise. Ingenuity like this changes history. Look at the biggest inventions of all time, and how they completely revolutionized the way the world was run. It’s a natural progression of evolution.


Today, businesses take hold of new inventions every day, mostly in the realm of technological applications in the hopes that they will be able to make money and possibly even history, all the while not have to work quite as hard for it. That’s the blessing of technology. It streamlines the process of growth.


The Curse is This:


The curse of technology for business may be able to be broken down into several points, but the main point is this: Technology opens the world up to choice, but too much choice leads to the disease of not being able to commit.


There are actually 100’s of companies and sites now dedicated to helping consumers and businesses make informed decisions. From the best content marketing companies to who has the best pizza truck, these services have become extremely critical in making a choice; because there are so many to choose from.


You as a business have the entire world as your possible clientele. However, when everyone else is selling the same thing as you, how will you get the customers to commit to your business? That’s where the curse comes in, and that’s where true business people have to define the marketplace and devise a strategy to get what they want.

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