Vibrant 4G Picture Leak (FAKE)

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Samsung Vibrant 4G Android 2.3 Gingerbread

Whoa! Big news here! The world’s second Android 2.3 phone looks to have a release on T-Mobile’s network possibly February 23rd. We’d heard about the Samsung Vibrant 4G for a while, but we thought maybe it’d just be a Vibrant with HSPA+ support. Instead, it seems we’ve got a full-fledged Samsung Galaxy S-style Vibrant with front-facing camera, 4G HSPA+, and Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

This phone, we hear, unlike the Nexus S from Google, will feature a microSD slot for extra storage. And, it’ll be be running an Android 2.3 version of the Touchwiz skin from Samsung. Does this mean a quicker Android 2.3 port to existing Galaxy S devices? Let’s hope so.

Vibrant 4G Fake

Nexus S with new market icons

Update: A wise user pointed out that this device could in fact be a normal T-Mobile Vibrant with Android 2.3 skin and the front-facing camera mod. We’re moving this post to the rumors section as we continue to scrutinize the leak.

Update #2: We’re going to call fake on this one. Why? This seems to be a T-Mobile Vibrant using a half-baked Android 2.3 skin with the front-facing camera mod. If you’ll look below, you can see the icon difference. The supposed Vibrant 4G in the picture is using an old Android 2.2 icon, not the Android 2.3 icon for a successful applications download.

Update #3: It’s also convenient that this thing has WiFi on so that the user didn’t have to show the fact that a 4G icon was missing.

Update #4: Finally, this phone’s got the “PM” in the notifications bar, while Android 2.3 Gingerbread does not show that feature.

Android 2.3 Vibrant 4G

Nexus S with no "PM"

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  1. Arion8781 says:

    Ok let me clarify. Is the above picture fake? Yes. Is there a 4G Vibrant with 2.3 and Front facing camera? Yes which is old news! The picture above is a 2.2 vibrant with Gingerbread UI just visit . The new Vibrant 4G should be out already depending on where u are at. Late march for US and knowing Samsung they will probably have a different UI. Check out for the latest phone news. Every new phone will usually be listed there before it gets released.