Using Your Phone To Find Work

Filed under Guides by Adam Torkildson on April 24, 2017 at 7:42 AM

When it comes to job hunting, whether you’re a work-from-home maven or someone that likes slinging drinks, your smartphone could be your access to your next gig. With your smartphone, you can job hunt from everywhere, get notifications on the latest gigs, directly apply to the jobs or contact the people in charge, and even have a phoner before you go in to job shadow.

If you aren’t integrating your smartphone into your job search you’re missing out. Here are some of the things your phone can do for you when you’re hunting for your next paycheck.

Set A Goal

Start by setting a goal you can achieve, which means not giving yourself a specific timeline of when you need that new employment. You cannot control the people hiring, so you need to set goals that can be controlled by you.

Set a goal for how many gigs you’ll apply to each day, and how many interviews you want to try to do a week (but this one needs to be flexible). Use your phone to track when you have interviews, in person or phoners. Your phone can give you reminders so you don’t show up late.

Download Job Hunting Apps

There are plenty of job hunting apps and sites out there. Add the ones that have the types of jobs you are looking for to your phone. This way you can get notifications when a new job in your field is posted, and that way you can be one of the first to apply no matter where you are or what you are doing. You don’t want to let life stand in the way of getting the job you need.

Have Your Resume Saved

Smartphones have a place for files, so you can have your resume saved on your smartphone. This can be convenient for attaching it to emails or even texting it to jobs. If you apply to multiple types of jobs you’ll want to have different resumes catered to each job type. You might want to invest in an extra memory card for your phone!

Get On LinkedIn

Last, but not least, don’t discount social media when it comes to job hunting. You may have friends on FB or Twitter that have a line to the perfect gig for you. That means these apps can be important on your phone.

However, the most important “social media” app to have, when it comes to all things work related, is LinkedIn. Get an account, get your resume on there, add your friends and previous employers, and use their career search. It’s worth it.

Smartphones have their name for a reason. It’s smart to find ways to use yours in every aspect of your life, including the job hunt. It could be that you’re not at home for a few days when the perfect career for you falls into your lap, all because you used your smartphone to find it.

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