Using Mobile Technology For Safety Inspections

Filed under Development by Adam Torkildson on February 10, 2017 at 4:08 AM

There are a ton of practical general uses for newer mobile technology, but sometimes it’s intriguing to look at some of the more narrow ways that individuals and companies are using the possibilities as well. For example, there are ways that businesses are using mobile technology for something as specific as a safety inspection.

Some ways that this technology is in play right now would be for major industrial projects, project management coordination, photos and videos in real-time during inspections, the potential to have more accurate and efficient medical inspection, and just being able to hang onto archived material in a more streamlined manner.

Major Industrial Concerns

When it comes to inspecting operations and maintenance at industrial sites, mobile technology can have a huge impact. With tablets and phones connected to the web, not only is information available to inspectors, but things like real-time readouts can be connected to displays, and all sort of sensors can be hooked up into bird’s eye view dashboards. For modern industrial safety inspectors, mobile technology could be considered one of the primary instruments to ensure consistent success on the job.

Linked Project Management

By using mobile technology along with project management software, business projects take on a whole new level of efficiency as well. With remote workers connected to managers, clients, and potentially event investors, safety inspections can allow a kind of transparency never before available. Plus, anyone can have additional expertise online in the event that something is beyond the scope of comprehension of the inspector physically present at the work site. Connected technology is at the core of this new ability.

Photos On the Fly

When it comes to safety inspections, taking photos and videos of different aspects of the process is going to be extremely important, and that’s where mobile technology can help as well. You can even set up your phone to immediately upload photos as soon as you take them, saving all kinds of steps and ensuring that you always have backups in case your phone gets damaged as well.

Medical Potential

We all know the importance of good medical care, and the reliability of this care is often coupled with the concept of how safe an environment is, especially when it comes to something like a hospital or healthcare facility. With mobile technology, specifically along the lines of internet connected tablets, safety inspections can be extremely accurate and efficient.

Archived Material

Within the realm of safety inspections, there can ultimately be a lot of ‘he said, she said’ situations. Using the ability of mobile technology to archive data, reports, video, sound and images, archives can be safely stored in the cloud, so any sort of argument can be solved legitimately in the future, especially if it involves some sort of legal dispute.

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