Using Budget and Finance Apps, Software, and Hardware On the Go

Filed under Research by Adam Torkildson on October 7, 2016 at 11:06 AM

One thing about modern mobile technology that can be tremendously helpful to people is that it’s easier than ever to keep track of finances in real-time. You don’t have to call your bank. You don’t have to look at your checkbook or go to an ATM machine. As long as you’ve got all of your apps connected securely, all that info will now be on your phone, one thumb press away.

Additionally, for people who are selling things, there are hardware additions to your phone that allow you to securely take money from people via debit or credit cards. This is an awesome addition to your financial arsenal! Take a look at some mobile financial tech in a bit more detail.

Using Budgeting Apps

Budget apps and software can be a lifesaver when it comes to money management. And as financial software improves, you can do things on the fly like add or delete transactions into your main budgeting apps. Reminders about money coming in and going out can be the difference in keeping on budget or not, and even potentially overdrawing accounts or not.

Hardware As Sales Points

If you’ve ever tried to deal with the ramifications of trying to sell products on the go, then you know the pain of trying to deal with cash or checks, or even worse, having to try to figure out a mobile cash register. But now, thanks to new hardware-based card readers that can attach to mobile phones, there the option for safe and secure financial transactions wherever you are. This is a huge benefit to both buyers and sellers in terms of infrastructure!

Apple Pay and PayPal Possibilities

More financial possibilities are inside the ideas of things like Apple Pay and PayPal. One of the more common ways to have groups pay for a big dinner at a fancy restaurant is for everyone to send cash digitally to the person picking up the check, that way the waiter doesn’t have to do extra work splitting bills. A few quick digital notes and all that money is earmarked in your main budgeting app as well.

Checking Bank Statements

If you want to keep on budget, one of the more automatic tools that you can use in terms of mobility will be your main bank’s app. Chase and Bank of America both have extremely streamlined versions, and with one click you can see every transaction you’ve ever made – and it’s even searchable!

Using Fraud Protection

Another on-the-go solution to one of banking’s oldest problems, fraud, is the protection that’s built into systems now. If there’s any usual activity on your card or from your account, your bank has the option to do a quick freeze on services, and then text or call you to make sure that it’s legitimate.

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