UPS Tells iPhone 5 Buyers They Won’t Get It Early

Filed under News by Adam on September 19, 2012 at 9:49 PM

Whenever there’s a highly anticipated product launch, one question always arises: Will I get it early? This week, that question surrounds the iPhone 5. UPS, the company responsible for coordinating the delivery of 2 million iPhones, posted on its website today that there is no hope of pre-order customers getting their unit early. “Apple has required that UPS deliver iPhone shipments to customers on and not before Friday, September 21, 2012,” the note reads. UPS has undoubtedly been flooded with support calls and emails regarding the iPhone 5 and wants them to stop – or at least slow down.

The iPhone 4S launch went relatively smooth with no pre-order units arriving early, but the iPhone 4 was a different story. Many units arrived on customer’s doorsteps 1-2 days before the scheduled release date.

At this point, it’s best just to sit back and wait if you ordered an iPhone 5.

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