Update Rolling Out to Verizon Galaxy S III That Removes Universal Search Feature, Updates Kernel

Filed under News by Adam on July 21, 2012 at 9:37 PM

Samsung and Verizon have announced that an update is rolling out to the Galaxy III. The update, which bumps the device to version VRLG1, includes a new kernel, but also removes some functionality related to the search feature. It use to be that when you would search on the device, you would see results from your device, as well as Google.com. This is no longer the case after the update, as you only see results from the web. You may remember that this is the functionality that the Galaxy Nexus was banned over because the patent is owned by Apple. Samsung says that this is a precautionary measure and it has not been ordered to do this.

Let us know if anything else changes when you update!

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