Top Mobile Apps For Managing Aspects Of Business

Filed under Research by Adam Torkildson on March 29, 2017 at 8:03 AM

Running a business is a full-time engagement that does not stop after leaving the office.  There are hundreds of reasons business owners need the ability to communicate and manage business elements while away from the office.  Whether it’s training, or some other knowledge transfer effort, there is an app for that.

The key is knowing exactly what mobile applications are best suited to the needs of the company.  Research is the first step to enlightenment.  Take a look at a few of the most highly rated mobile applications that will help owners manage various aspects of business from any location.

Google Analytics App

If the company has its own website, then it is a very good idea to download the newest version of the Google Analytics application.  Running an analytics software is essential to monitor the traffic and diversity of visitors to a site.

Google Analytics is arguably the best option available for such a task.  The app is iOS and Android compatible and relatively easy to operate.  Everything a webmaster might utilize on the web version of Google Analytics is available through the mobile app.


Though large business owners do not typically pay much attention to their social media presence, it is essential to the success of many small businesses.  Small business owners who invest in the download of HootSuite can manage all of their social media accounts from one mobile app.

HootSuite tackles a tedious task and turns it into a one stop shop.  The application also works well as a desktop application with seamless integration between the mobile version and the desktop version.  See what is happening with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter with the tap of one simple logo.

LinkedIn Pulse

A complimentary application to the popular LinkedIn platform, LinkedIn Pulse takes business communication a step further by providing an organized way to check out everything current in a chosen profession or industry.  The app is a great way to keep an eye on competitors and trends.

LinkedIn Pulse allows users to join in on industry chatter through comments, likes, and shares… just like all the other popular social media platforms.  App navigation is very familiar and simple.  See what is trending worldwide while on the go with LinkedIn Pulse.

Wave software

Wave is a free app that provides financial management abilities from the comfort of business manager’s favorite mobile devices.  Track sales and expenses while away from the office with Wave.

Scan receipts for filing, generate accounting reports and even utilize the newly added personal financing options with one simple free download.  This application makes it possible for small business owners to manage their personal and business finances in one localized app.

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