The Mobile Tech Industry: Where Big Meets Little

Filed under Research by Adam Torkildson on June 13, 2017 at 7:49 AM

When it comes to the mobile tech industry, it’s a fascinating example of where heavy industries and small detail work come together to make an amazing product that performs an amazing function. A huge majority of people have mobile phones now, and they use them for massive percentages of each day. They organize our lives and allow us access to information that was unthinkable even a few years ago.

That’s why it’s so interesting to look at it from the perspective of big meeting little. There are the various aspects of creating cell towers, supercharging the processing ability of chips, creating small details on the mobile phones themselves, making massive data infrastructure frameworks, and then supporting the whole spectrum with administrative backing.

Creating the Towers

To create cell towers, a lot of heavy industry is involved in a large scale. Contractors have to put together large welding projects, have raw materials handy, work with architects and designers to create huge structures that not only perform the function of providing cell service, but also don’t look terrible in the places where they are up. It’s this kind of holistic planning that has allowed mobile phone usage to become so prevalent.

Supercharging the Processing

And think about how much power cell phones have now. And all that power is contained in chips that are continuing to improve almost on a yearly basis. Every new iteration of mobile phones that comes out has more power and ability to handle streaming and graphics, which translates directly to a better user experience. Who can even guess where this process of improvement is going to end? It will be truly fascinating to see when it even slows down.

Mobile Phone Detail Work

And from the perspective of things getting smaller, think of all the detail work that goes into mobile phones now. The designs of the latest iPhones, and the designs of the latest Android phones, are spectacular, and it all comes back to the attention to detail. The size of the phone, the feel of the phone, and every single curved edge are gone over obsessively by designers to make them the perfect item for users.

Making Massive Data Infrastructure

And when you think about the tens of millions of people who have mobile phones even in the United States, can you imagine trying to create the massive data infrastructure required to move all of that communication around? All of the gigantic machinery has to be in place, along with all of the necessary servers, and then all the tiny detail work has to be done as well, down to the smallest cable or microchip.

Supporting the Whole Spectrum

And then once everything is in place, the whole thing needs to get troubleshooting and administrative support from every level of all the companies involved. When you consider how huge been undertaking this is, from the biggest projects to the smallest details, you begin to appreciate the convenience that you have with respect to the device that is probably in your pocket right now.

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