The Importance of Detail in Technical Administrative Work

Filed under Guides by Adam Torkildson on February 8, 2017 at 5:47 AM

There are some interesting discrepancies between how amazing technology is in modern times, and how well details are expressed and worked with on an administrative level. In other words, more than ever, details about technology are as important as the technology is itself in many instances.

Some examples of this that come to mind including working with inventory on spreadsheets, dealing with rosters and names, understanding how something as simple as a special character in a filename can destroy processes, learning different types of measurements, and absorbing the importance of detailed instruction manuals regarding various technologies.

Inventory and Spreadsheets

When working with inventory and spreadsheets, a single value in the wrong place can gum up just about anything technology-centric process. Especially if you’re working with any sort of manufacturing or production effort, everything in spreadsheet form has to be completely seamless. There are all kinds of different ways to troubleshoot these spreadsheet issues, but there are cases when databases are so huge, that there are actually programs designed to help you find those odd numbers out.

Rosters and Names

Even though lots of people claim that the current voting system is a bit archaic, it still uses a degree of new technology to help with rosters and names. And again, it’s the details inside the technology that either make it work efficiently, or grind it to a halt. Think of all the different ways that problems occurred this last election because the technology of the voting machines didn’t match up with the specifications required to be both transparent and accurate!

The Disruption of Special Characters

You’d think that by now, the way that you title files would be completely free of restrictions. However, this is not the case. If you look into the disruption caused by special characters in filenames, you’ll see just how important that detail is. Even inside of passwords in some systems, and especially where file transfers are happening, a single typed character can and will shut down entire systems.

Types of Measurements

And then there’s where technology and measurement techniques and details come into play. If you are using the wrong scale, or you move a decimal point, or somehow get math wrong when it comes to processing power or physical components especially, one mistake can tear apart a lot of effort.

The Importance of Instruction Manuals

When was the last time you tried to put something technologically-oriented together – like a computer motherboard for instance? It’s a very technically-oriented process, and if the details of construction aren’t perfect, then no part of the system is going to work right. For as much as technology advances, there’s still the requirement to be able to express the details of construction in an administrative way.

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