The Future of Glasses: Tech Trends In Eyewear

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A big part of the future is going to be how well people can see things, and what sort of augmentation comes along with the idea of sight. Because so much of the human experience is visual, it’s no surprise that technology, when it comes to your eyes, is going to be at the forefront of many tech trends.

To wrap your mind around the possibilities, think about things like the advancements in technology with respect to standard eyeglasses, how the Google Glass experiment went, how VR headsets are being developed, the future of computer contact lenses, and the new eye surgeries that are available.

General Glasses

When you look at trendy glasses today, you’ll notice that they’re much more sleek than in the past. Frames are made from stronger materials and can be molded into custom shapes. Lenses themselves are far more accurate, as well as being much thinner, and have options like automatic darkening in the sunlight, or even have options so far as progressive lenses go. The technology of optometry, even without getting into the computer aspect of eyesight, is vastly improved these days.

The Google Glass Experiment

Even though it ultimately was scrapped, the Google Glass experiment was truly something pretty amazing. Using technology to combine the idea of wearable glasses with pretty hardcore technology, the Google company opened up all sort of amazing possibilities for early adopters. It was eventually the market as a whole that wasn’t ready to accept the aesthetics or the privacy issues that made that whole progression come to a pause. Developers still have access to some of it, though, and it will make a resurgence later.

VR Headsets

Most of the newly explorable VR headsets rely heavily on the concept of sight. Because most of your reality comes in through your eyes and ears, it makes sense that VR headsets trigger your optical sensors and your ears, through various means. The programming that goes into giving you realistic experiences inside of a closed sensory environment, especially consider how portable they are now, is absolutely astounding!

Contact Computers

Though it might seem like science fiction, there are projects in the works to try to combine the idea of contact lenses and computer processing, allowing some type of augmented reality to be possible on a consumer scale. Imagine looking around and having readouts of all different sorts of information available at all times!

New Eye Surgeries

New eye surgeries involving lasers or very precise measurements and cutting are also helping bring in a new age of sight technology as well. People who even a generation ago had no hope of being able to see clearly are now being ushered into a new type of future because of these advances.

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