Test your Knowledge with the Million Second Quiz App

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million second quiz

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard about NBC’s new show called The Million Second Quiz. As the name implies, it’s a trivia million.second.quiz-2game that tests contestants wits across 1,000,000 seconds, or 11.57 days. Last week the official Million Second Quiz app arrived, and it’s a pretty interesting way to let players in on the game both literally and figuratively.

The Million Second Quiz app lets pits you against other players online for fun, and for the chance to get on the show with as a Line Jumper. When you first fire up the app you can log in with your Facebook or Twitter account – if you’re not the social type you can make an account with your email address as well. Once you’re up and running you have the option of playing against a friend or a random foe. I was able to get in a game fairly quickly (10-15 seconds) in all the matches I played with random people, so the matchmaking works well in that respect. That said, I can’t vouch for social matchmaking as none of my friends have the app so that aspect wasn’t tested.

When a match starts you’ll get 10 questions, and you’ll have 10 seconds to answer each one while your million.second.quiz-3opponent tries to do the same. All the questions are multiple choice, and you’ll have four answers to choose with point values ranging from 10 to 30 points as they questions get tougher. As for the Million Second Quiz app’s questions, they range from pop culture to sports and everything in-between.  At the end of the round,  the winner with the most points gets to take over the “Money Chair” and all the points you’ve accumulated go towards your final score. Those points also get you closer to being a Line Jumper – if you crack 3,500 points you have a chance of getting on the live show.

The Million Second Quiz app is simple to use, and quite a bit of fun if you dig trivia games. I had no issue getting my game on quickly, and almost everyone I faced put up a pretty good challenge. The app itself is well done, with the exception of a pesky back button. If you accidentally hit the back button on your phone during a game you’ll exit the game (not the app) and your progress for that match is lost. Watch those fingers… The Millions Second Quiz show will air on NBC on September 9th, and if you want to give the app a shot you can check out the Million Second Quiz app for free on Google Play and the App Store.

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