Supposed $99 Nexus Tablet Appears In Benchmark Results

Filed under Rumors by Adam on November 30, 2012 at 11:07 PM

Nexus 7 Announcement

The Nexus 7 is one of the most affordable tablets out there at just $199, but it looks like ASUS is already hard at work at on an even more affordable device. According to a recent GLBenchmark entry, ASUS is testing a device with a 1GHz ME1727 ASUS processor. It also packs the Mali-400 GPU, which is the same one found in Samsung’s Exynos 4 chip. The resolution of the display is a disappointing 1024 x 600.

It seems likely that ASUS is at least testing a device with these specs, but whether it will every be released remains to be seen.

Would you go with a $99 Nexus tablet with these specs or a $199 model with much better internals?

4 responses to “Supposed $99 Nexus Tablet Appears In Benchmark Results”

  1. Joe Wallace says:

    Nexus is supposed to SET the standards, not water them down. Having said that, perhaps Nexus is setting these new standards for budget tablets. Either way, the more Nexus devices out here the better

  2. Nick Mushat says:

    I would go with the lower spec nexus 7 for my kids definitely. The price point for a quality tab with decent specs is ridiculous, anything at that price is generally no name garbage

  3. Don McCall says:

    If they can put together a tablet that’s anywhere near as good as the original Kindle Fire at the $100 price point it WILL sell like hotcakes. If the rumored specs are true then that’s a step in Apple’s direction: less focus on processing horsepower, and more on graphics performance. Games would run just fine on that thing, and I could see many a parent not being able to resist that price point instead of buying yet another handheld gaming system.

  4. Walkop says:

    Anybody else think that this could be a PMP? Nexus finally has enough traction to do something like that! I’d get one!