Straight Talk and Net10 to Offer ‘Bring Your Own Device’ Option on February 7

Filed under News by Adam on February 2, 2012 at 4:25 PM

Straight Talk and Net10 Offer 'Bring Your Own Device'

More and more consumers are looking to free themselves of their mobile phone contracts and bring more choice into their life, and the prepaid options are growing. Straight Talk and Net10 both resell service on T-Mobile and AT&T networks and have been offering pretty decent unlimited plans for $45 and $50 respectively, but in order to bring your own GSM device you needed to go through some nifty bait and switch routines. Now that is changing.

Beginning February 7 both companies will be allowing you to bring your own unlocked GSM device to their service with the purchase of a SIM card from them along with activation of an unlimited plan. Early reports do state that their ‘unlimited data’ plan caps at 2GB/mo and 100MB/day, but that has yet to be fully verified.

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