Sprint to Have Embedded SIM Cards for LTE Network

Filed under News by Adam on April 5, 2012 at 4:56 PM

After a little bit of snooping, we have finally answered the question that has gone unresolved since Sprint originally announced their 4G LTE network plans. “Will there be SIM cards?” Of course you would automatically be prone to say yes since Metro PCS, Verizon, and AT&T all use SIM cards for their LTE network as well, but LTE does have the ability to be SIM-less.

Well thanks to the announcement of the HTC EVO 4G LTE and the HTC Fact Sheet of the device, it was finally known the device has an “embedded SIM.” It was listed as a feature of the device located at the bottom of the fact sheet. Sprint has been extremely quiet about the subject, so much so our very own sources would not leak us the information about it. Though the information was confirmed by an HTC representative later. So with the mystery unraveled, it looks like Sprint will still be on the same playing field as the rest of the country when it comes to LTE (besides frequency support.)

Thanks Tony!

14 responses to “Sprint to Have Embedded SIM Cards for LTE Network”

  1. Tony Hannides says:


  2. marklarson says:

    So you’d still have to call Sprint to change ESN’s, just like the old days, instead of just swapping a SIM like Verizon or AT&T or even Metro.

    Thanks Sprint… NOT.

    • irev210 says:

       You know you don’t have to call to change ESNs right?  You can do it right on your sprint.com account.

      Is that as good as swapping SIMS? no.  But is it as bad as calling?  no.

      • Tyler Cameron says:

        can’t bring your own phone. Sprint is so anticompetetive. Someone should report them to the BBB.

        • William Diaz says:

          CDMA technology you CAN bring your own phone – but the carriers have to allow that by manual input of ESN/MSID in their system, currently Verizon and Sprint and US Cellular DO NOT. MetroPCS does, but only select model phones they can easily support. In Asia, CDMA often uses R-UIM cards, which are compatible with SIM, similar standard, and they can be swapped out. Its not anticompeition, its making sure your device works properly with the features the network you want to use has in place.
          Also, the BBB wont do anything about that. You would need to talk to the FCC about regulating Sprint and their network and infrastructure.

      • Toak14 says:

        As I understand, most SIMs have MTN’s (mobile telephone numbers) embedded and unable to be changed.  If this is true, you could never change the phone number on these devices. That would be a true swap.  Also, I believe you can NEVER change the ESN on a device as well as it is also dedicated to the device.  What you should be able to do is change the mobile number on any device, but with an embedded SIM, how can this be done?  Reprogrammable SIM?  Any insights on this?

  3. Fabio says:

    Good job Sprint, now you’re the ONLY carrier not allowing customers to be able to swap their sim cards from phone to phone.

    Also that means Sprint will not allow any other phones other than Sprint phones to have access to Sprint’s network.

    But that’s okay I guess if I have a phone and I’m out of contract I can still go to the other carriers who DO use sim cards and will allow me to bring my own old phone instead of having to buy a phone with them!

    • md says:

       You are drawing unsupported conclusions.  Just because the Evo LTE will have an embedded SIM card does not mean the Sprint network will not support phones WITH a SIM card.

    • Dick says:

      They use different frequencies anyway. There is not a single phone on the market that you could move to another carrier and use LTE. you can swap between AT&T and T-Mobile if the device is unlocked and use 2G and 3G but not 4G. You could theoretically swap a phone between Verizon and Sprint and use 2G and 3G also, but neither carrier allows it.

      • Tyler Cameron says:

        Verizon CDMA uses the same damn frequencies. This is clearly just a move on Sprint’s part which shows you just how anticompetetive they are. Pretty sad if you ask me.

        • William Diaz says:

          Verizon CDMA uses the same technology, and YES, the EVO LTE will work on Verizon CDMA. LTE is different, the frequencies are different, and Verizon uses 700/1700, and Sprint uses 1900 and soon 800 (EVO LTE will only use 1900). So its not that they are anticompetitive, its just how the networks were set up after the spectrum auctions, NONE of which Sprint participated in. Embedded SIM makes no difference. Also, Sprint CAN opt later as LTE expands, to have removable SIM cards but none of this matters since AT&T, Verizon and Sprint all have incompatible LTE networks and no phones support two of them, let alone all three.

          • Tyler Cameron says:

            What if one wanted to use an EVO LTE on Verizon? It’s the best Android device available, and you’re not getting 4G either way, but Verizon 3G is actual 3G speed while Sprint is slower than EDGE. That’s the definition of anticompetetive.

          • Nick says:

            No, that won’t work. Verizon’s CDMA network uses different frequencies than Sprint’s. Try it and you will find out.

  4. Fabio says:

    Good luck getting apple to embed the sim cards. I’m sure they will NOT allow such modifications to their phones. Apple has always supported the flexibility of sim cards.