Sprint Launching Tiered Embedded Device Data Plans

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Sprint Changes Embedded Device Plans

Just a few months ago, Dan Hesse was saying no to tiered plans, but I guess that only applied to mobile phones. Embedded device, such as tablets and hotspots, are getting a different treatment. On May 8th Sprint will be launching three new, cheaper embedded data plans. These are planned to last until October 29th.

Sprint is in the giving mood as well. Starting the same day, along with the launch of Nexus S 4G, Sprint is giving everyone on the “Everything Data 450” plan a bonus of 300 anytime minutes. This will essentially make it the “Everything Data 750.” In all reality, the plan can’t be beat. Paired with true unlimited data, unlimited data, and “Any Mobile, Any Time,” at $69.99 only the pre-paid services can match the benefits of this, (not really). Click past the break for details on the new plans…

First, all of the plans are ten dollars off regular price when paired with one of the eligible plans, as seen in the picture above. The “3GB Data Plan” will be only available on the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Sierra Pro Overdrive, and the Novatel MiFi. It is $34.99 per month before taxes. The plans don’t go into details on whether 4G is included and if it is included, whether or not it is part of the 3GB cap or unlimited like before. Previously on Sprint, the cap was for 3G only, and the 4G was unlimited.

The next plan is the “5GB Data Plan.” It will be offered for the same three device plus the netbooks/notebooks and the USB connection cards. This again will be $10 off for only $49.99 per month. I’m assuming since these plans don’t specifically say 3G or 4G, I am going to assume they include 4G unlimited in the new plans.

The last tiered plan is the major “10GB Data Plan.” It is $10 off for $79.99 per month and will be offered for the same devices as the “5GB Data Plan.”

These plans will probably be good for the Motorola XOOM, Blackberry Playbook, and the new Samsung Galaxy Tabs when they launch with Sprint Mobile Data capabilities. Every embedded device will be supported by these plans. It is just good to see Sprint finally going to universal data plans for all their mobile broadband devices. I want to make a note that all of these plans are the exact same price per month with the same amount of data usage as Verizon’s Mobile Broadband Plans.

Is Sprint finally giving into the competition after reporting a half a billion dollar loss? Sadly, I think so…

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  1. Guest says:

    Data card plans have been capped at 5gb since December, this is just more options for the consumer. 4G data is still unlimited, I guess this is a good article if you’re an assumer and uneducated.