Sprint Galaxy Nexus Coming Soon?

Filed under Rumors by Adam on October 21, 2011 at 11:47 AM
Sprint Nexus Prime

Sprint Nexus Prime

Sprint customers, get your wallets ready! Our Sprint source has come through with another internal leak. A purchase order has come through listing a “Nexus Prime” poster for Sprint. This means that the Galaxy Nexus may come to the “Now Network.”

Some may question: why it is listed as the Nexus Prime? Well, the internal codename for the Galaxy Nexus is the “Nexus Prime.” I have confirmed this with a Samsung developer who worked with the device. There are no details on the availability or price as of yet.

20 responses to “Sprint Galaxy Nexus Coming Soon?”

  1. Chris Chavez says:

    If a poster is already headed to stores…. that means the device should be here soon, right?!?!?! Ahhhhhhh!!!! xD

    • Yes sir! :), I can’t wait!!!

    • pahern says:

      This has to be real… It has to be true… Make it Tso!  http://comicalconcept.com/illustration/make-it-tso/web.jpg?1283908027

    • Kapil says:

      Hey Chris, it’s really great to see your comments on sites other than Phandroid. I have not seen any other writer (those at big sites, I mean) do that.

      This Sprint-Galaxy Nexus shot is indeed a great news.


      (P.S. I assumed you are the same lovely writer at phandroid, Chris Chavez.
      Okk.. checked your twitter page, you’re indeed the one.)

  2. ElixirBlack says:

    I don’t care who gets it, we just need it *now*!

  3. I kinda figured it would go to Sprint, but I thought it would be like Q1. I really hope all carriers get it.

  4. Quizryan says:

    Why is it listed as the nexus prime when it’s called the galaxy nexus

  5. jset12 says:

    PLEASE let this happen!!

  6. mswansonxi says:

    This is only POP collateral. Just because there’s POP collateral doesn’t mean a phone is imminent. For all we know this is a shipment from Sprint/Nextel printing facilities to S/N marketing. This is NOT a smoking gun.

  7. droidhackzor says:

    um, just i small thought before you assume that its not coming to sprint…the image DOES ONLY specify the poster,not the phone so it doesn’t have to be fake, whether it is or not ,is up in the air.according to several sources, there are actually 5 distinct models, GT-I9250, GT-I9250T, GT-I9250M, SC-04D, and SCH-I515 (though they all look the same) for the Galaxy Nexus. the two that were mentioned include the LTE and HSPA+(verizon and AT&T) there are still 3 more models to take into consideration and some do suspect that there will be a sprint model and an international model. leaving only one…the one being used for overseas.a quote fromgeek.com…” the SCH-I515 will be the Verizon Wireless variant, packing an LTE and EVDO radio on the inside. Sources suggest the GT-I9250 will go to AT&T, while the GT-I9250T will likely go to T-Mobile. There’s not been any confirmation about the GT-I9250M or the SC-04D, but it seems like a Sprint version and an international version would be all that’s needed to tie this release up in a nice global package.”

  8. Whezzel says:

    Even if sprint does get this phone its gunna suck for y’all cuz no wimax support (as of now) the only have an hspa+ model and an lte model

  9. Guest says:

    Fake. It says its from Sprint Nextel Systems Corp. Should be Sprint Nextel Corp, without Systems in the name.

  10. John doe says:

    F___  yea!   Hey what do you know Ill stay with Sprint after all.

  11. Tomtwr3 says:

    Clearly a fake and the writer does not know the difference between a Purchase order and Packing List.
    This is not a proper Srint packing list and a not even a proper Packing list at that. This not even a good fake.Sorry to burst some bubbles I want to get the phone too but I won’t be suckered by someone trying to post something fake or false for thier own warped ego or to get web trafic by lying.