Samsung’s Newest Flexible AMOLED

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Samsung Flexible AMOLED Display

A smartphone that wraps around your wrist?

Details today were leaked regarding Samsung’s newest flexible AMOLED screens. The flexible, plastic substrate AMOLED screen is around 4.5 inches and it features the same vivid color quality as your Galaxy S Super AMOLED screen while allowing bending and twisting. Due to the nature of AMOLED screens, this flexible display is a power-sipper, because it actively turns off pixels displaying black colors.

Previous flexible displays were less than half of the size of Samsung’s newest builds and featured a much smaller resolution. The newest product now features a full WVGA resolution that makes it compatible with Google Android phones as well as Windows Phone 7 devices.

Samsung’s flexible AMOLED technology allows your display to bend and twist without damage or image distortion. You can wrap the display into a radius of just one centimeter. Video plays back perfectly with no ghosting. Due to the new plastic substrate creating by Samsung’s Mobile Display division, this thing is able to pack an extremely high resolution with good color quality. There were previous attempts to make flexible AMOLED displays, but heating limitations halted development. Now, the new plastic material allows the display to stand up to temperatures past 350-400 degrees, allowing the creation of a circuit.

Hoon-gi Min(민훈기), a senior researcher at SMD said that “with this revolutionary technology to make products that are thin, light, and flexible, we will overcome the limit of the current limits for designs of IT products.”

You can expect a big announcement regarding these incredible displays come next Wednesday through Friday as the Flat Panel Display Convention of 2010 commences in Japan. Samsung will be there showing off their latest flexible AMOLEDs.

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