Samsung to offer at least 70 applications for Galaxy Gear

Filed under Development by Korey Nicholson on September 8, 2013 at 6:22 PM

Samsung knows that one of the things that are necessary for the success of any new mobile platform is packed app store. That is why Samsung is already developing 12 different applications at this moment, and is planning to launch more than 70 applications overall for the Galaxy Gear.

According to the reports, smartphone users are already familiar with these applications.

Germany Samsung Gadget Show

One of the applications that will be available for Galaxy Gear from the start is – Evernote. This application will enable users to send pictures taken with Galaxy Gear directly to Evernote notebook; on the other side, the watch can display various information taken from the application on the Galaxy phone.

Thanks to eBay application, users will be able to bid on auctions on their Galaxy Gear.

Line is the only messaging service that enables users to send and receive IMs.

Path is another known application – users can capture a moment and share it to this social network.

MyFitnessPal tracks a users fitness activity and also counts calories.

It will take time for developers to start rolling out applications just for Galaxy Gear, but for now, these are just few applications out of 12 that will be soon available for Samsung’s smartwatch.

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