Samsung Says it Has Sold 10 Million Galaxy S III Units

Filed under News by Adam on July 22, 2012 at 2:04 PM

Shin Jong-kyun, a Samsung senior executive, told reporters in South Korea today that the company has sold more than 10 million Galaxy S III phones. While no specific number was provided, Samsung mobile head J.K. Shin confirmed to MobileBurn that “It appears that it (accumulated sales) has exceeded 10 million units.” Shin also says that Samsung expects to ship more than 20 million Galaxy S III devices by this fall.

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3 responses to “Samsung Says it Has Sold 10 Million Galaxy S III Units”

  1. I am a proud owner of the GS3. It is by far the best phone out on the market. I don’t have a single problem with it. Overall battery life is fantastic compared to most other phones. Single charge a day.

  2. Matti says:

    Great hardware. Bloated UI.
    Seriously, Samsung’s TurdPiss skin needs to die a painful, horrid death.

  3. Gs3 is by far the best phone out. I have iPhone 4s,HTC one x and the gs3 makes them look like toys. AOKP yeah I got my swagger on