Samsung Open Sources Captivate’s Code

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Samsung Open Source has officially sent out emails to developers wishing to download the open source code for the Samsung Captivate (i897). The code is now available for download from Samsung’s website.

Emails read:

Dear _____________,

You can download the source code of SGH-I897 on this site in Mobile Category, SGH-I897 model.

Thank you.

Weighing in at about 161 megabytes, the code should assist developers wishing to work on custom Captivate ROMs. Samsung Captivate owners have been eager to see their first custom builds as the device has sold thousands already since its nationwide launch at AT&T on the 18th.

In particular, there is one mod that Captivate owners are excited about the most: the “mimocan external SD card lag fix.” The fix promises to double Quadrant benchmark scores as the application data is moved to the external memory. Right now, the Samsung Galaxy S series outperforms every processor in every phone in every category except for the I/O benchmark in Quadrant. The Galaxy S scores so poorly because of Samsung’s implementation of the internal memory, but mimocan’s lag fix remedies this problem and raises Quadrant scores to new heights around 1750.

With Android 2.2 just around the corner for American Samsung Galaxy S owners, Captivate users could be seeing benchmarks around 2000-3000 with the JIT compiler and mimocan lag fix.

So, what are you waiting for? You can download the open source code below or at Samsung’s Open Source website.

Download SGH-I897_Opensource.tar.gz

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