Update: Samsung M930 and LG Optimus Black Coming to Sprint

Filed under Rumors by Adam on July 31, 2011 at 11:50 AM

Any easy conversion in Microsoft Excel shows that “40818” is really 10/02/2011. So the LG Optimus Black is coming within the next two months! And just for everyone who is curious about the U602, “40846” is 10/30/2011. Thanks Steve!

M930 and LS855 Coming Soon?

Our trusted source has leaked us once again an updated list for Sprint future devices. Some devices have recently been added to the list. The heavily reported Samsung M930, which is heading to Boost, will be launching on the “Now Network” in October. The M930 will be replacing the the Transform (M920). It has a physical QWERTY keyboard possibly running Android 2.3.

The disappearance of the LG LS700 was worrisome and no signs of the LS700 or LS685 appearing as of late. However, it now seems the Optimus Black rumors are true.

The LG LS855, also known as the Optimus Black, will be heading to Sprint. No details or specs are known except for the few rumored specs that have been swirling about the internet. The LS855 will launch on…”40818?” We aren’t sure what “40818” means, but it seems Sprint is using a new codes of their dates. We see similar coding for a new Franklin USB air-card. The U602 which is replacing the U600. It is given the date of “40846.” So what does the new date coding mean? The world may never know…

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  1. SWear0730 says:

    Best Guess: 40881 is 10/2/2011.  Just paste the date into Excel and the convert to a date.  Yeah, I work with who don’t know how to work with Excel.