Samsung Launches Its First Retail Store in North America, Looks a Lot Like an Apple Store

Filed under News by Adam on July 12, 2012 at 11:03 PM

Apple often accuses Samsung of copying its devices, but Samsung has just taken it a step farther. The company has just opened its first North American retail store in Burnaby’s Metropolis at Metrotown, Vancouver and it looks a lot like an Apple Store. It’s extremely minimalistic and has a lot of open floor space, much like Apple Stores. The support staff are even wearing blue shirts, much like the Genius Bar folks at Apple Stores. There are large screens demoing products and Samsung even has its own One-to-One station to help customers get their products set-up.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think of the stores in the comments!

How long until Apple tries to sue Samsung for this? Should they?

24 responses to “Samsung Launches Its First Retail Store in North America, Looks a Lot Like an Apple Store”

  1. Bisseks says:

    Copy is the sincerest form of flattery
    Thank you Samsung wannabes

  2. Derrick says:

    Apple wannabe! SAMAPPLE! Lol!

  3. Barugahare Isaac says:

    Thanks please but could u help me with ma cell phone it cant load Opera mini

  4. Barugahare Isaac says:

    Apple should not sue Samsung coz life with no competition in copying is no more on this wold ……………keep in touch Samsung I love your products

  5. Charbax says:

    You mean it looks a lot like a store. Put devices on a table and directly you think it looks like an Apple store? Ok, so Apple invented the store now.

    • raycote says:

      Your Right ! Your the expert!

      Apple retail space is in no way note worthy.

      DUH ?

      • Charbax says:

        All stores dedicated to few consumer electronics from one brand look the same. There is more spacing between showcase devices, it’s a bit like at a booth of a brand in a consumer electronics trade show but it’s in a store. Obviously consumer electronics stores like Best Buy sells 1000 different brands so they are more messy and don’t look the same. But just look at “showcase stores” from HTC, Bang and Olufsen, Sony, they all look the same and have existed for 30 years before the first Apple store was opened.

  6. sebastienboutet says:

    Samsung is disgusting !

  7. ohminus says:

    Lots of open floor space? Where? Frankly, it looks like a generic mixture of standard store design and trade fair booth design. And blue shirts? Hello? What should they wear? Red is aggressive, white is too bland and green or yellow will send the customers running, not coming….Blue is pretty much a standard color. If I look below this comment box, out of the four connect-with logos, three happen to be blue. There’s a good reason for that.

  8. ashim says:

    Actaully, its nothing like the Apple store. The walls and tables are cluttered with ads, the roof has sub-standard lighting fixtures.. the whole thing is a confused mess.

  9. K Quinn says:

    I just love how they keep doing shit like this it’s great who gives a flying fuck if it looks like an apple store Samsung are just great to have the balls to just annoy apple it’s so funny I mean Samsung fair play. Best of luck hell I bet they pay staff better than apple resellers hope the open up in Europe.

  10. Young says:

    The store looks just like an ordinary store for IT products. What makes you think this is a copy. Apple was not the first company which sold IT products.^^

  11. jmoney says:

    Samsung has had a retail presence in NYC in Columbus circle this is not the first but definitely a swing toward apple-land

  12. Scea0512 says:

    I love watching and reading all the Apple cry babies whining over anything they deem a great lol. Apple and there lawsuits are disgusting, and if apple feels threatened in anyway they want to sue everyone? The iPhone is not even made in America nor is it anywhere near the best device. But the apple fan boys who still can’t program a vcr will cry from the roof tops over every little threat, and hysterical!

  13. RandoMotts says:

    lol, everybody wants to be Apple lol

  14. Thief says:

    Ripping Apple off. They should be ashamed of themselves!,,

    • KSPRAYDAD says:

      You do know that the concept of large floor space, whitespace, natural woods and focused sales tables existed before Apple right? Fuck…Apple took Drexler on board from GAP and he cut and pasted his ideas from there to Apple in the first place.

  15. So now Samsung is also copying high end fashion stores for their tech, just like Apple ! They even hired the guy who set up the Gap !

  16. Chann68 says:

    Look very bored because apple already done first so. Samsung no.2

  17. stealthware says:

    I blame the media, they are making people go to the extreme with things like this report, lol trying to spice things up a little huh lol apple and samsung are great products anything else is bad lol im samsung and gl for both companies if it wasnt for their mutual pressure we woulnt have retinas or galaxy s3 woot

  18. Kayla says:

    Seems to be some confusion between looking like an Apple Store and looking like any technology-oriented store would look. Of course there are objects on tables. How else would products be demo’d? Of course there are large displays. Minimal design and open floor space is the norm in ANY new, especially tech-oriented, retail establishment today.

    I worked Apple Retail for 5 years and am a complete iGeek, but come on! Add in the granite floors and metal and wood surfaces that are TRULY signature to Apple and maybe you have a copy. This is like saying Office Depot “copies” Staples. How many different ways are there to display the same type of store?