Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

Filed under Our Reviews by Jennifer Lambert on May 23, 2015 at 12:37 AM

A good way to describe the Samsung Galaxy S5 would be to say that it’s a “masterpiece of evolution.” The phone has a great camera and has evolved to give good quality pictures which are sharp, clear and fast. Also, this is a great phone for the fitness freaks – it has a more powerful Health App dedicated to monitor heart rate. With the fingerprint scanner on it, it makes this phone a very secure and safe option with no information allowed to outsiders in case the phone is misplaced. The phone also has a larger battery and a bigger screen, which is brighter. It also has a quick processor for the altered design. The screen is very vibrant, measuring 5.1 inches with added biometrics.

Being a very successful phone, the phone has developed many rivals and this model has been gaining a lot of attention and popularity, and has gained a good fan base. The price of this phone is also good compared to the iPhone. The phone has been built and designed after taking into consideration customer requests – mainly a good camera and easy handling.

This phone grabs your attention as it looks good, it performs well, and has everything that you need to make life a little smoother and faster. This Android 5.0 Lollipop phone, with its touchWiz twist is a sophisticated and modern affair with bold colors, cleaner fonts, icons and menus.

Notifications and settings have received obvious changes and the notifications now appear as white tabs that can be accessed in a drop down menu and cleared if needed. The notification settings can be activated or deactivated for apps on an individual basis, which is handy. Quick settings and Samsung smart remote are also available with the screen locked, giving easy access to useful functions like brightness control, quick connect and wireless connectivity. Also, multimedia can be used with the screen locked. This S5 phone has a square rounded central application which is fixed in the bottom right corner.

One of the pros of this phone is that it has a fantastic screen with a great camera. The battery life is good and it has microSD. It is also water resistant.It has an improved fingerprint sensor. The cons of the phone may be that it’s not pretty enough to win any beauty contests and that the processor is still a little behind the times. Even considering the cons, this phone is still a wise investment.

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