Samsung Galaxy S Release Set for June

Filed under News by Adam on June 1, 2010 at 1:25 PM

UPDATE: New details here.

Samsung Galaxy SWhoa! Good news for Sammy lovers who are lusting after this incredible 4-inch, 9.9 mm thick, Hummingbird-repping beast of a phone. According to Korea IT Times, Samsung’s local tech newspaper in its home base of Korea, the superphone is set to drop in not one, not two, but 110 major countries… this month. Word has it the US release date will be as close as June 10th. However, the June 10th date comes from’s listed release date, so no guarantees. BoyGeniusReport is also reporting a major Samsung release with T-Mobile this July, so that may be something to watch. And, this bad boy is confirmed for India with pre-order availability in Germany. BoyGeniusReport is also stating that the phone will come to AT&T as the Samsung i897 called the “Samsung Captivate.”

The Samsung Galaxy S is a true world phone  that Samsung plans to release itself with no wireless carrier input, however there will be customized versions of these phones for T-Mobile, AT&T, and maybe even Sprint.

Customers who purchase the Galaxy S will be getting a rock-solid Samsung-Intrinsity made Humminbird processor, which is similar to the Apple A4, but with a better GPU. That’s right, this baby will be more powerful than the iPhone 4G and iPad.

The specifications of the phone include: front-facing camera, 5 megapixel rear camera, Super AMOLED display (4-inches), GPS, accelerometer, proximity sensor, 8/16 GB of internal storage, Android 2.1 Eclair, and 720p video recording. Now, Samsung has promised a Froyo upgrade for this device, but after the Samsung Behold II fiasco, who knows how much we can trust them to follow through on that. The software on the Galaxy S sports TouchWiz 3.0, called SmartLife, which is a fairly well-reviewed add-on to Android’s stock 2.1 OS.

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