Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review

Filed under Our Reviews by Melissa Thompson on June 22, 2015 at 6:36 PM

samsung note 4 frontThe Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the fourth generation device, has come to the market as a big bang! Samsung, which is packed in more power, has produced this fourth generation device with a great display screen and a great camera, proving it to be one of the best smartphones in town.  Apart from the fact that some might find it big sitting in the palm, and the S Pen a little questionable, this overall still remains a good choice and you will be happy.


Competing with its rivals, Nexus 6 and LG G Flex 2, the Samsung Galaxy is preferred with its good price and the many features it has in store for you. There is, however, a new flagship for the galaxy fleet, which is Galaxy S6 Edge with cutting edge technology. The Samsung GalaxyNote 4 remains, with its 5.7 inch dimensions like its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 3, but with more powerful resolution boost. The overall feel of the phone has been made more premium, with a classier finish compared to the previous more plastic feeling one. You can carry this phone with pride and the phone delivers a classy look. The metal rim surrounding the handset makes it protective. The shape, style and rounded corners sport it as a Galaxy Alpha on a bigger scale. The finish of this phone gives it a premium leather feel.


The plastic rear gives a good grip, and it is vital as the handset is big, making it easy to hold. The power and lock key on the right are easy enough to reach. With use, you get used to this phone and where to put your fingers to press the keys. On the back is the 16MP camera, LED flash and also the heart rate monitor. This is a great feature, for those health conscious users to monitor constant on the heart rate at rest and after exercise. The bottom corner has the S Pen stylus hiding in the body of the phone, and behind the removable rear, the mic SIM port, microSD slot and the battery.


I must say that this is a good phone to have and whip out in public with its elegant design, robust build, beautiful screen and also a great battery life. This phone remains your companion with its multi-tasking ability. The phone also uses a Wacom digitized layer to sense the difference in pressure while using the SPen creating an experience closer to writing on a piece of paper. To buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, go HERE.


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