Samsung: Galaxy Nexus Sales Were “Minuscule”

Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Samsung lawyer John Quinn made a statement regarding the brand new Apple case against the Galaxy Nexus for infringement on Siri-related patents. He said that Apple, wasn’t harmed by sales of the Galaxy Nexus, because they were “minuscule.” That’s right. He said that Apple’s suit for losses was bogus due to the apparent fact that Galaxy Nexus sales were insignificant.

Analysts have been wondering about Galaxy Nexus sales since its launch late in 2011. It was Google’s third Nexus device after two relative sales failures, and the early availability of Android 4.0 was expected to boost the phone’s retail rankings. Still, with Verizon pushing the DROID RAZR and other devices over the Nexus, sales numbers ended up “minuscule.”

Samsung reported specifically that $250 million worth of Galaxy Nexus devices were sold in its first two quarters on the market. Quinn relayed, “This is a product that, at most, captured 0.5 percent of the market.”

6 thoughts on “Samsung: Galaxy Nexus Sales Were “Minuscule”

  1. It’s a sad fact. Everyone that sees my phone (people that have anything from Nokia to Blackberry to Apple to Androids) say wow what is that phone! It’s beautiful. It should be way more popular. I could never go to a Sense, TouchWiz or Motobulr phone again after having Vanilla Android. Hopefully their 4th try gets some more sales, although the phones are meant as developer devices.

    1. Yeah, I get the same reactions from people, yet the only time I’ve ever seen another Galaxy Nexus owner was in Switzerland. Actually, I’ve had people ask if my Nexus was an S3, such is the disparity between their marketing efforts. Similar story for the Nexus S. It’s a brilliant device, and looks it too, but they just didn’t bother to market it at all.

      Maybe the next Nexus phone will follow in the Nexus 7’s footsteps, though that was partly so successful because it blew every other tablet of its size out of the water from every angle and the Nexus phones have never really done that.

      I mean, the Nexus 7 has become the wallpaper of half the online shops I’ve come across. That is how it’s done.

  2. That’s what happens when you don’t advertise. SGS3 commercials and promotions were splattered all over TV, Web, and carrier stores.

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