Samsung ditches Iris Scanning for a Fingerprint Scanner on the Galaxy S5

Filed under Rumors by Adam on January 20, 2014 at 1:18 PM

SamsungThe Samsung Galaxy S5 is no stranger to the rumor mill, and of the hottest rumors surrounding the mysterious device is iris scanning technology. You may not want to get too excited about that. If a new report out of Korea is true, the Galaxy S5 isn’t going to be the first Samsung device with iris scanning tech.

The Korea Herald is reporting that Samsung has decided to ditch an iris scanner in favor of a fingerprint scanner, and that ‘Air Gestures’ will be see an improvement as well. The fingerprint scanner is said to be under the display instead of on a button like Apple’s which is a smart move considering all those nasty patent battles. Does that mean the iris scanner has been scrapped? Not necessarily, as the report only lists the scanner would making the device thicker and an additional sensor as reasons for it not being included on the Galaxy S5. This means you won’t see it on the Galaxy S5, but will probably see it down the road or on a bigger device.

As cool as unlocking your phone with your eyeball would be, it’s safe to say it could also be a hassle in certain conditions. Samsung is supposed to up the ante with the release of the Galaxy S5, and while a fingerprint scanner would be cool to have, it’s not a ‘must have’ feature in the minds of a lot of consumers. We expect to hear a lot more about the S5 over the coming weeks, and will keep you updated as we learn more.

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