Samsung Ativ Q – Windows and Android OS in one Tablet

Filed under Development by Korey Nicholson on September 15, 2013 at 5:19 PM

Until now, we only knew that men can research and make a new breed of only living things. But Samsung has proven it wrong. They created a hybrid tablet, which supports both Windows and Android OS in one tablet. By the way, the first Android and Windows 8 supported tablet/ hybrid device, the Samsung Ativ Q may never see the light of day because of patent issues, reported a journal.


Android Community says that, “the sliding device, which gives users the option of switching seamlessly between the two operating systems, may be halted by legal issues arising from that very USP.”

Experts suspect that, the key functionality, which is thought to feature one virtual OS running within the other, like a PC/ Laptop might cause difficulties to resolve and perhaps irresolvable problems for Samsung, despite its best efforts. And the customers will have to face those problems.

The Ativ Q device, which was launched at a Samsung event in London this summer, also promised to deliver the highest resolution screen ever seen on a tablet. They said, it’d be a 3200 × 1800, 13.3-inch display which is quite impressive.

Samsung has scheduled to release the Ativ Q with the company’s patented S Pen. The tablet was also heard to be featuring a multitude of ports and micro SD card option and a strong 4 GB of RAM. We didn’t get any information about the price yet from Samsung.

This Samsung Ativ Q is a unique one. No other tablet in the world supports two operating systems together. Due to legal issues, Samsung can’t release it now. But we’re hoping that Samsung will be successfully able to solve those issues soon and market the product.

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