Review of LG G3 Mobile Phone

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The LG G3 might have been one of the last flagship phones to arrive in 2014, but it’s by no means the least. And it’s a worthy successor to the excellent LG G2.


The LG G3 phone has a great screen and it is one of the critically acclaimed phones with great competition from its rivals like Samsung, Sony and HTC. The phone, with a removable battery, microSD slot and metallic frame has a new and mature interface.


The price is good on the package in comparison to the iPhone and it has Android 5.0 Lollipop . The design of the phone has been changed from the all-plastic unibody of the G2. The backplate is removable, allowing you to swap the battery and insert a microSD card. Having this microSD card is a good option. There are certain downsides to this phone, as it only comes with 16GB and 32 GB memory, so it really does not give enough space for larger apps on offer these days.

The phone, though sleek in nature, is about 5.5 inches of screen so it may be a little hard to use single handed – it’s not as fluid to navigate the screen. Thus, this may be a negative point for many despite the impressively thin bezels.


Also, the LG’s upgrades are easy to operate even without looking, with the power button made more rounded and prominent and the volume keys are ridged.


This camera is liked by many for the great screen and good camera in bright light. Also, it has an improved interface with the right price for the customer. But there are certain drawbacks too, like the lightweight chassis is disappointing and the screen is not particularly bright. Furthermore,  Android 5.0 has slowed boot up times and the QHD isn’t all that good.


The LG G3 phone has a safe design and it doesn’t get a polarized opinion like the Galaxy S5, but not so attractive and refined as the HTC one M8.  However, the 5.5 inch screen makes it a big phone and when it comes with a protective cover, it may be a bit of a concern. The phone has all other features present as any other regular phone such as good sounds and an enough memory with a microSD card. The battery has a life of about 19 hours of talking time and can be on standby for over 500 hours, and the battery has a good endurance rating.

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