Remember Project Chameleon? It’s Not Just a Concept After All!

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Project Chameleon Dashboard

Update: We’ve received a new video and some details on the project’s future. Check it out below the article.

Remember that Project Chameleon user interface we showed off yesterday? Turns out progress on the project is much further than initially thought. In fact, the product’s already made it out of the design stage and into development.Thanks to the folks over at Teknision, we were pointed towards a previous Engadget feature with a Texas Instruments hardware reference tablet running the Chameleon UX on top of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Check out the video below; it’ll knock your socks off.

One of the main reasons the Chameleon interface intrigues Android tablet users so much is the deeply implemented profile control. Multiple users can easily switch through profile accounts, accessing their applications, widgets, and dashboards with the touch of a button. Along with this profile interface, there are separate dashboards available for users while at home, at work, or traveling. A work-centric dashboard may show off one’s latest Google Docs, calendar schedule, and Gmail inbox. The “home” dashboard will more likely give users a slice of the news, a location-based weather forecast, and the latest schedules. Of course, an entertainment-centric dashboard might just dedicate itself to movies, music, and social networking. Chameleon offers a mixture of personalized, contextualized, and organized tablet experiences with a stunning customizable UI.

Now that we know Chameleon is out of the concept stage and into the big leagues, we’re wondering what the future has to offer for this Teknision-designed masterpiece. Will it be picked up by an Android OEM? Perhaps it’ll follow in the footsteps of the MIUI ROM and see a free device-specific launch? We’re excited to see where Chameleon’s headed, and we’ll make sure to keep you all in the loop if we hear anything. Make sure to check out the official Chameleon website for more information.

Update: We were just sent a snazzy new video showing off the Chameleon interface on some example hardware. Check it out below. We also received word from Teknision that the company’s “been in talks” with a few Android manufacturers. Teknision “might also release it on the Android marketplace once (they) go from prototype to final product.”

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