Recording Videos with Mobile Tips to Watch Later with Movavi Screen Capture for Mac

Filed under Guides by Adam Torkildson on August 4, 2017 at 9:31 AM

Do you enjoy exploring all the different things that you can do on your mobile devices, and love watching videos containing tips and tricks that help you discover more about them? It is easy enough to find many such videos online, but if you want to save them and watch them later you may have difficulty doing so.

Although most online videos tend to be streamed and don’t have an option that will let you ‘save’ or ‘download’ them, with Movavi Screen Capture for Mac you can get around that issue. Essentially it will let you record video on Mac directly from your screen, so you just need to set it up to record the video with mobile tips that you want to watch later – then save it afterwards.

That may sound like a fairly complicated way to go about saving online videos, but Movavi Screen Capture for Mac makes it quite straightforward instead. To record any video from your screen you just need to launch it and enter the recording mode then define the capture area and select the audio source.

To define the capture area you can draw a frame by clicking a dragging the mouse cursor, select a program window to record, or use one of the presets in the interface that will appear later. Similarly it is easy enough to select the audio source in Movavi Screen Capture for Mac, and you just need to make sure the appropriate icon is highlighted on the interface.

If you want you can also set up several other recording parameters, such as the frame rate and sound levels. In fact Movavi Screen Capture for Mac has features that will let you highlight the mouse cursor, show keyboard actions on-screen, set a custom ‘click’ sound, and much more.

One feature in Movavi Screen Capture for Mac that will prove particularly useful when recording videos with mobile tips to watch later is its ‘timer’ or ‘scheduler’. With these features you can set your recording to automatically start and stop at a particular time, or after a certain duration has elapsed.

Assuming you forego using the ‘timer’ or ‘scheduler’, you can instead use the on-screen controls to manage the recording. Alternatively Movavi Screen Capture for Mac has hotkeys that will let you do the same.

At the end of the day that’s all that it takes to record videos with mobile tips that you find useful and would like to watch later. As you can see Movavi Screen Capture for Mac makes it easy enough, and once you’re familiar with it you’ll find you can set up and start recording in a minute or two at most.

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