Oracle vs. Google Trial Starts April 16th

Filed under News by Adam on March 15, 2012 at 5:03 AM
Oracle CEO Larry Ellison

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison arrives at federal courthouse in San Jose, CA

Meeting at a San Jose, California courthouse, a United States federal judge ruled today that Oracle Corp. and Google will do battle in court starting April 16th, next month. Oracle claimed in August of 2010 that Google had stolen its intellectual property— specifically Java source code— in order to create the massively successful Android operating system and platform. Java as a programming language is federally patented and was acquired by Oracle back in 2010 from Sun Microsystems.

Now, Oracle looks to recoup potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in supposed infringement damages from Google with dozens of copyright claims on the line. Google’s spokesperson Jim Prosser said about the April trial, “These patent and copyright claims are without merit, and we look forward to defending against them at trial.”

The trial will begin on the 16th of April and could last around eight weeks.

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