Official: Epic 4G Not Receiving Android 2.2 Update on 12/26

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It’s confirmed, no froyo coming soon for Samsung Epic 4G. Sorry guys that I had to be the bearer of bad news…I want it just as much as y’all do. Stay tuned though, BriefMobile might have a special present for y’all for Christmas! :)

***END of UPDATE***

Picture from Phone Arena

It’s been confirmed by a source that there is a DL19 ROM. Normally updates come 2 weeks after the ROM is made which makes sense for the DL11 to come on the 26th because that is 15 days after it was made. Since there is now a DL19, it doesn’t look like the Samsung Epic 4G will be getting Froyo until January.

Remember when Phone Arena posted an exclusive article? Their anonymous tipster gave them a photo informing them of an update effective “12/26/10” for the Software version DL11.

Well, turns out the Samsung Epic 4G will not, in fact, be receiving a post-Christmas December 26th over-the-air to Android 2.2 Froyo.

1. In the Sprint “Playbook,” an article for Sprint employees which comes out every Wednesday night, there is not one mention of an update for the Samsung Epic 4G. Normally Sprint informs it’s employee at least a week ahead of time of any update, major or minor. The last time Sprint mentioned anything about the Epic 4G it was telling employees not to install DK28 and to reinstall DI18 if they get a device with DK28 on it.

2. The picture you see to the right is the original image from Phone Arena. As you can see it seems to be addressed to specialist of Sprint, which would include Sprint employees, yet I never have seen this as a Sprint Rep/Tech and neither has anyone in my store. Nor has my district manager, or employees in surrounding areas. Again, another mystery…

3. And last, but very not least…even some good news on most part. Me and a few developers have a source that informs us of when new ROMs are out for the Samsung Epic. The latest one s/he said is “DL15”, not DL11 which is stated very clearly in the photo. More so, our source even said he hasn’t even seen a DL11 go up on the server. Strange? I think not.

Unfortunately, the Android 2.2 Froyo update won’t be hitting your Epic on the 26th. But, it will be coming soon, probably in January. In the meantime, CM6.1 is in heavy development for the Samsung Epic 4G and can be found here. That should tide Epic 4G users over for a while!

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