Nokia Lumia 930 Mobile Phone Review

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This phone is also referred to as Lumia Icon in the USA and it is a 5 inch Windows phone. This phone has become a competitor for iPhone 5S and top tier Android phones like HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy S5 and Xperia Z2. This is the best Windows phone that can compete with the best Android phones and iPhones.
The phone looks durable and the Nokia Lumia 930 smartphone is constructed to last well. The design is a small backward step compared to Lumia 925. With this phone, Nokia has gone big and bright and the predominantly metal design has been replaced with a metal frame and polycarbonate matte back, which comes in orange and green. These colors give the phone a new and unique look, but it is also present in the more conservative black or white. Also the phone has a more square, chunky body, which makes it a little more unsuccessful than the rivals. It is 9.8mm thick and is thicker than the Samsung Galaxy. The square edges makes it feel chunkier than the HTC which comes in as a curved frame. The boxy body makes it less comfortable carrying around, though it rests well on the palm. The weight is also slightly more in comparison to other phones. It is 167g in weight against 145 by Samsung Galaxy.
The phone design, with respect to the button and port layout, is fairly conventional and the headjack is on the top edge. The micro USB charging port is at the bottom below the physical touch keys. There is a dedicated camera button. There is a nanoSIM card slot, which is disguised next to the headphone jack. In this there is no expandable memory like the Android alternatives.
With a big screen and an impressive 441 pixels per inch pixel density, the phone is protected by Corning Gorilla glass 3 and the contrast and vibrant colors really impress. There is also a comprehensive set of display settings, through which you can adjust the screen’s color profile to standard, vivid and cool. Also there is an option of color temperature and colour saturation in advanced settings from which adjustments can be made to a series of images before applied. Also screen brightness can be reduced when battery saver mode is active.
This is a good phone if you are looking to have a clear camera in low light and it has a good collection of Nokia apps, with a bright, well built design. But as cons, the average battery life is not too long and the square design is uncomfortable. The camera has no HDR mode.


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