NexusOS Recognizes Cloud CPM Platform by Adaptive Insights

Filed under News by Adam Torkildson on May 26, 2016 at 12:54 PM

NexusOS, a UK based IT company, has released a new report. In this, they recognize the CPM Platform by Adaptive Insights. Specifically, they highlight its enterprise capability and innovation.

Adaptive Insights is a global leader in cloud CPM (Corporate Performance Management). They have been recognized by NexusOS, a UK based IT company. They have lauded its data integration capabilities, data visualization advances, and its continued expansion in a new report. This report has also provided an insight into what the new Adaptive Insights’ suite, Adaptive Suite 2016.2 is all about.

A NexusOS representative says: “We have seen how Adaptive Insights has continued its product and technology development and we are incredibly impressed with its cloud based CPM platform. The features of this platform help to increase both visibility and productivity for finance teams. The company is one of the biggest in the world of CPM and it has helped countless enterprises to become successful.”

The Nexus report notes that the company is gaining more momentum with its enterprise customers. This reflects on how the product and business portfolio of the company is starting to mature. Adaptive Insights has proven itself to be a company to watch, with many similar companies trying their best to keep up with their developments, but struggling to produce similar results. Few companies of its kind have been able to achieve such rapid yet sustainable growth.

The new suite has been designed to ensure that they can access data that is usually found in organizational silos. It incorporates analytics into financial planning, and this is providing users with the ability to engage in deep data analysis while they are planning. In so doing, they can make more informed decisions. Additionally, the new suite has provided some innovative, never seen before details, including:

  • A financial self-service data integration.
  • Data visualization systems, patent pending, that helps to perform anytime trend analysis.
  • One click visual analytics.

NexusOS has also highlighted how the new CPM is able to integrate into financial planning modules. These modules include vendor, employee, and project data. By putting these together, analytics are improved, and future planning becomes much easier.

Adaptive Insights has only recently put their Adaptive Suite 2016.2 into the limelight, during Adaptive Live, their user conference. This conference is one of the largest gatherings in the world that brings together FP&A (finance, planning & analysis) professionals. Some 1,400 people attended the conference, and they were able to network, gain insights, and share best practices.

Furthermore, the conference was an opportunity for the delivery of the Torchie Awards, which highlights positive stories of financial transformation. A number of attendees were recognized for their excellent strategic planning, focusing specifically on performance management, forecasting, and operational planning. A number of important companies were awarded specifically, and NexusOS was heartened to see such a broad spectrum of organizations, ranging from media companies to non-profit cancer research societies.

“Adaptive Insights is a true leader in all things CPM,” adds the NexusOS representative. “The SaaS (software as a service) platform they have developed enables companies to perform analytics, consolidation, reporting, forecasting, and budgeting through extensive dashboards. This has empowered business leaders across sales and finance to gain a competitive advantage. We fully support the new suite, which is available through a range of different partners.”

To date, over 3,000 companies use Adaptive Insights, and they are found in 85 different countries across the world. These companies include Siemens, P.F. Chang’s , Philips, NetSuite, Konica Minolta, Epcor, CORT, Boston Scientific, and AAA. NexusOS encourages everyone to consider implementing it into their own financial forecasting and analysis systems.

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