Nexus Prime Unveiled by Samsung Teaser? [Video]

Filed under Rumors by Adam on October 4, 2011 at 9:41 PM
Samsung Nexus Prime

Samsung Nexus Prime?

Samsung just released an intriguing teaser video for their upcoming Samsung Unpacked 2011 event in San Diego at the CTIA convention. At the end of the commercial, the text reads “Something BIG is coming.” A curvacious, thin, and arguably beautiful device’s side shot is shown. We’re pretty confident this is Google’s next Nexus device, which we’ve been talking about since Google I/O back in May.

Looks like this extremely slim Samsung phone will have some sort of three-pin docking system, a curved (possibly Super AMOLED HD) screen, a rightward power button, and a camera that slightly ejects from the back of the device. A previous leak today offered it up as a device with a 4.6-inch screen, 720p display resolution, and no “classic four” buttons.

Watch the video and check out more pictures after the break!

16 responses to “Nexus Prime Unveiled by Samsung Teaser? [Video]”

  1. CEnnis91's Lover says:

    Something big already came.

  2. YAY!!! I can’t wait!

  3. I wonder what those three little buttons are for…

  4. ic4whtitis says:

    Could it be the concept screen they’ve been developing that can be bend or shaped roll and it remains it shape as previous started, and it also supposely consumes less power than any other display without losing picture quality when being shaped or bend????? Curious I am but I’m sure we all find out next week

  5. askast says:

    Hope they release it on AT&T!

    • vinnyjr says:

      Worst Network in the USA. You call their tech dept and they wont tell you where their advanced back haul is implemented. They are a scam, 4G, where??? They have the slowest Network, AT&T and Sprint’s Network is just pathetic.

      • askast says:

        Lets look at your other GSM option. T-mobile! I had to hold my phone outside my widow to send texts! When i called customer care they said its cos i have trees in my backyard and i’d get better signal in winter when the trees lose their leaves! Beat that!

      • ShakaShakaBreak says:

        That would be the biggest mistake in mobile history…No matter how many cores a phone has, if the network backing it is crap, then the phone will be crap. 

  6. Nudo says:

    I’m guessing maybe a flexible OLED tablet with which you can dock and operate your device with ease at home, then when you go out and about, just pick up your phone again.

  7. vinnyjr says:

    I like the thin design with the Nexus One like charging dock but the extreme curve is not very appealing to me. I hope the new Nexus phone has more of a Samsung GS2 European look. I like the idea of the designated home button, it is so convenient for so many things. Bring it on Samsung & Google. Anything with Google’s name on it has to be a winner. Can you imagine E-Mail without Google?? Without Google’s services the Mobile phone would be useless IMO.

  8. good job being recognized on engadget again, Kenn! :O