Nexus One USB Host Driver Ported to Desire HD!

Filed under News by Korey Nicholson on March 15, 2011 at 10:10 PM
USB Host Driver Ported to Desire HD

USB Host Driver Ported to Desire HD

Perhaps you remember the Sven Killig’s USB Host Driver, which enabled Nexus One users to connect a gamut of USB devices to their mobile phones… Well, thanks to the resourceful folks over at XDA-Developers, this has now been ported to the Desire HD. Hit the break for more details and all the relevant links!

The replacement boot.img, ported by XDA member bergfex, enables users to connect USB devices such as input devices, webcams, and USB storage devices to their mobile devices. However, there is one caveat. This modified boot.img disables native USB client mode so you will not be able to use your device as USB mass storage while the driver is loaded. Luckily, since this kernel is enabled via fastboot boot, rebooting your device reverts you to normal functionality.

Hit up the source link if your Desire HD is feeling a bit hungry for USB Host functionality!

Source: XDA-Developers

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