Nexus 10 Spotted In Walmart Prior To November 13 Release

Filed under News by Adam on November 8, 2012 at 8:34 PM

The Nexus 10 isn’t supposed to be released until November 13th, but you never know what you can find in Walmart. One customer was prowling through his local Walmart’s tech department and came across some 32GB Nexus 10 stock. The customer thinks it was available for purchase, but writes “It was kind of late night so there was no one to ask [whether] it’s for sale or not but it seems it’s available now at Walmart.”

Out of curiosity, I called up my local Walmart and they said they do not have stock in yet, but “hope to get them in the next couple of days.”

Is your local Walmart selling the Nexus 10 yet?

One response to “Nexus 10 Spotted In Walmart Prior To November 13 Release”

  1. Travis Halfman says:

    The Walmart near my work had a gorgeous display of iPads and other Apple products, yet only one shoddy display case of Android tablets. The case was mostly empty, in fact, with a cheesy tablecloth covering the boxes. Alas, no Nexus 10. Lebanon, Oregon.