Netflix on the Motorola Atrix with Gingerbread

Filed under News by Adam on June 1, 2011 at 2:53 PM

Netflix for Android

Netflix for Android devices launched just a few weeks ago on five major Android smartphones. But, recently, the Netflix Android team released an updated version of the application that rid itself of the device checking maneuvers that killed playback on a majority of devices. Still, some major devices like the Motorola Atrix and HTC Thunderbolt were left with flawed playback or broken streaming.

The team over at Netflix promised additional work to make the application work on different devices, but gave no word on an expected release date for an expansion of Netflix for Android users.

Motorola’s yet to upgrade their Atrix to Android 2.3 Gingerbread, but we got a hold of a leaked build yesterday and tested it out. Today, we loaded the latest .apk file from the Android Market for Netflix on the Atrix with Gingerbread. We were surprised to see that the woes of Froyo Netflix were magically cured! That’s right. Netflix works just fine on the Android 2.3 Atrix. Video plays back flawlessly on the qHD screen without any discoloration or green scanlines. We’ve thrown up a video showing the application below after the break.

8 responses to “Netflix on the Motorola Atrix with Gingerbread”

  1. Nick Morello says:

    Such a cruel tease :<

  2. Ahh. kenneth. I must agree with Nick. What a tease! lol. I just hope we get gingerbread soon and I really respect your decision to not leak the files to the rest of us XDA folk!

  3. Rafael Almonte says:

    you’re the best for giving us hope for our Atrix phones. thanks for GingerBlur, GreyBlur & everything else.

    but I must say…You’re a horrible, horrible man who teases with our minds.

        love ya!

  4. I am a huge fan of yours! But, out of curiosity, why won’t you leak Gingerbread? You are remarkable at what you do. I use you’re GingerBlur software currently and it beautiful and lightning fast. It would seem only necessarily to let the tech-inclined public have this software. Thank you for giving my investment hope. I do have a question though, Kenneth.. Does this Blur-ridden 2.3.3 come with the screen-off animations? Thanks again in advance. 

  5. Eelseth123 says:

    imma noob…..what is gingerbread???

    • wingedgenius says:

      Gingerbread (2.3) is Google’s latest *mobile* version of their Android operating system. There is another version called Honeycomb (3.0) and its revised version (3.1) that only works on tablets. This will be simplified with Ice Cream Sandwich, which will be the combination of Gingerbread and Honeycomb. This version will work on both tablet and smartphone devices.

      Ice Cream Sandwich may or may not be 4.0. ;)

  6. 100blogstrong says:

    man i been trying to find a Rom or something to get me to 2.3.3 cause I am tired of the green line :(