Motorola Droid MAXX Review

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Motorola has produced this great phone with a very long battery life, a large screen which is colorful, and an attractive design. The phone is durable and is very modern, responding to voice commands, allowing screen based notifications, and a good camera to take pictures. This is a very good quality Android smart phone.


This is one of Motorola’s flagship phones in the new Droid lineup, costing at about $300. This phone boasts one of the best battery performances, a full 32GB internal storage, and a list of Android extras. This phone is competing with rivals like HTC One and Samsung Galaxy 4. No other smartphone comes close with longevity, performance, design and slick features.


At a single glance the Motorola Droid Maxx, and its sister phone Droid Ultra, look similar. But in comparison to the latter it is a bit thicker as well.  It’s 5.4 inches tall and a similar width, but thickness is about 0.34 inches. The phone weighs close to about 6 ounces. The Maxx has a black surface coated in Kevlar fiber – similar to previous phones. The phone has a clean finish and it is smooth to the touch and has a soft matte finish. It protects against scratches and smudges. This doesn’t leave greasy fingerprints. On the right edge the power key and a thin volume bar are present. Both are contoured and cross hatched for easy manipulation by feel alone.


The phone has a 2 megapixel front camera and 3 capacitive buttons for basic Android control. Around back are the Droid Maxxs 10 megapixel main camera and LED flash. There is a good speaker which radiates with a great volume and better than the HTC phones. It’s hyped as “Boom Sound Technology.”


This phone boasts a 5 inch HD OLED screen and a 720dp resolution. There is high contrast and impressive dark black levels. The phone is preloaded with all major Google apps and services and the vast Google Play online is open for you.


This is a pretty good phone to get your hands on.


To purchase this phone, go HERE.


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