Motorola Atrix Bootloader Unlock Goes International (Update: Download Now)

Filed under News by Adam on July 13, 2011 at 2:46 PM
Atrix Bootloader Unlock

Atrix Bootloader Unlock

Good news for international Atrix users today. It seems that forum users stevendeb25Samcripp, and the2dcour were able to find a piece of Motorola firmware that contained a bootloader unlock for Orange UK devices. Testing is still underway with the unlock, but this could mean unlocked bootloaders for countless international Atrix users.

Unlocked bootloaders will allow Motorola Atrix users to flash custom kernels and ROMs. Update: link after the break.

Want your own international Atrix bootloader unlocked? Check out the link here.

3 responses to “Motorola Atrix Bootloader Unlock Goes International (Update: Download Now)”

  1. Damon Chance says:

    Awesome news… I’ve had my head stuck in the Kernel and ROM threads so much today that I didn’t see that announcement on the forums… Now all those smelly Bell users can stay out of ATT threads begging for devs to crack their phones ;p

    I’m sure they will be thrilled if this pans out.  

  2. I feel so honoured to have been there in the irc when it happened!

  3. ALU says:

    Works/Does not work list

    ATT version 1.8.3 or later: Works
    Bell version ??: Warning: Ram
    T-Mobile UK 2.3.3 Warning: Ram
    Orange version ??: Warning: Ram
    Telestra version ??: Warning: Ram
    Brazil version ??: Warning: Ram
    French version 2.1.1: Warning: Ram
    Spanish/Movistar version ??: DANGER: Brick

    You have been warned