How To: Motorola Atrix 4G Root

Read the full BriefMobile Motorola Atrix 4G review! The process of rooting your Motorola Atrix 4G has just been changed with the latest updates. We’ve updated the guide below to allow users to root.

How To: Motorola Atrix 4G Root

Root method found and executed by Brandon15811, the2dcour, and of course eval-! Make sure to thank them over at the forums.



  1. Extract the ADB-Fastboot package and root image to your C:\ Drive under a new folder titled “root”
  2. Put your device into Fastboot mode: – Turn off your device. – Hold down the power button and downward volume button until you see “Fastboot” on your screen – Push the upward volume button
  3. Open your command prompt (Start >> run “cmd” >> enter)
  4. Type the following commands
    • cd C:/root
    • fastboot flash preinstall root.img
    • fastboot reboot
  5. Enable USB debugging (Settings >> Applications >> Debugging)
  6. Type the following commands
    • adb shell
    • /preinstall/dosu
  7. Type the following commands
    • /bin/mount /system -o remount,rw
    • cp /preinstall/su /system/bin/su
    • chmod 6755 /system/bin/su
    • PATH=/system/bin:$PATH pm install /preinstall/Superuser.apk
  8. Congratulations! You are rooted!
PATH=/system/bin:$PATH pm install /preinstall/Superuser.apk

311 thoughts on “How To: Motorola Atrix 4G Root

    1. Locked boot loaders don’t prevent root. Look at the Droid 2 and the Droid X. They do prevent you from running a custom rom. So far there is nothing in this article indicating its not the same encrypted boot loader

          1. I have XP with NET Framework 4. No need to roll back to 2.0, right? It was fine when I rooted my Captivate, but best not to assume.

          2. Need help with 3D hardware acceleration..I tried to install a navigation app and this is the error I get….” 3D Hardware Acceleration not available in this phone”…any way to get around this ?

  1. What is meant by “Motorola Drivers”? That seems rather vague, are those something that come with the phone, or is there a download site that is available for them?

  2. Hi guys!

    Any idea on where to look for / how to get a code for removing the sim lock? I’m hopefully getting the phone brought to Germany through a friend that is in the US right now, woohoo!! It will also be the first phone I root, good luck to myself.. :-)

  3. I just got the phone 2 days ago and I love this phone sooooo fast I want to get it root but I never did before any help

  4. I don’t know much about rooting a phone, but I would like to get the Atrix for my primary internet connection while traveling. I suppose that a tethering app could be used to tether the Atrix to a laptop or PC. What about the laptop dock? Would it be now be possible to use it without the prompt to purchase the $45 data/tethering plan?

      1. Thanks for the info. I can now see about getting my Atrix tomorrow. I like the laptop dock for it’s small, think, and light size. Do you know if this will be possible to use this without getting the higher cost data plan?

      2. Sorry to bother you again, but the link you mentioned in your previous post directing me to tethering, DOES the Atrix have to be rooted before the tethering can be activated? Thanks

    1. On a regular Laptop or PC go look up Teathr on google, they give you a free 14 day trial and you can buy it for a onetime fee of $14.99 (I think) you do NOT have to pay AT&T anything extra

      on the laptop dock, sadly, you DO have to pay AT&T the $45 a month

  5. Thanks for using my app!

    This is awesome. 0-day and we already have root with the Atrix4G! I’m a firm believer in free and open software. No phone should be locked down. That’s why I wrote SuperOneClick. Fast and simple root access.

    The program is (and will always be free) but feel free to donate!

      1. Hi. You seem to be one of the leaders of this band so I’m hoping you can help. I just tried rooting my Atrix using Super One Click as instructed, and got a success message for both the root and Allow Non Market Apps. Every time I go to restart, however, the phone crashes part way through (right where the Motorola logo goes away and the AT&T graphic begins to appear). The indicator light flashes red for 30-45 sec and the whole process repeats again and again. Have tried pulling the battery but no change. Any ideas, or am I SOL?

        1. SOL…Your phone developed some malware or a virus while it wiped and left you unprotected. Always keep Jimmies hat on hand.

    1. hi i am korean atrix user.

      when i root my phone i usually use your app (superoneclick)

      I also use this program to my atrix (version – olykt u4 1.15.0)

      but it doesn‘t work. I don‘t know whats wrong

      every korean atrix user can‘t root their phone now

      Please help us.. (MB861 , OLYKT U4 1.15.0)

  6. anybody get third party apps actually working? i followed instructions as written and got “cannot download. the content is not supported on this phone.”

  7. I dont know anything about rooting Androids, I can jailbreak an Iphone all day, is there a post on need to have apps or hacks after rooted. I just activated tethering without out rooting, they wont see that will they?

  8. Sorry to ask but, Rooting it allows for apps like panda home and such to work on the atrix right? I have been testing out a co workers MyTouch and loved how panda home looks on it. I currently use an old Iphone 3G and am wanting to upgrade to the Atrix in the next couple days.
    And rooting it wont lock the device out to where I cant use it will it?

  9. hello all i need help please!!! i have done all listed above and well once i click on root i get this message “An unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click Quit, the application will be shut down immediately”…what am i doing wrong should i click continue or what …i am just afraid to mess up my new phone right away that would suck big time…i am running windows 7 on a samsung laptop rv511…someone please help me :-(

  10. Can anyone provide a list what options you can do with a rooted phone.
    1) Backup
    2) Thehering — how?
    3) Remove Motorblur
    4) ….
    5) ….

  11. Worked perfect. Downloaded an app from mobile24, couldn’t get it to install, rooted, then it allowed me to install. Donated $5 to the team that rooted it. Good job everyone involved.

  12. This has not worked at all on three different Atrix’s and adb is set up fine, adb shows my device and I can install apps through adb but this super app does not work at all! I’ve tried ver. 1.5.5 – 1.6.5 and all fail on windows 7:( Please post a way to do this by hand!

    1. I’m having similar problems. Mine gets to Reading OS Properties and no matter how long I leave it, nothing happens. I’m running Windows 7.

      1. Make sure you have USB debugging enabled (settings –> applications –> development). Also, try right-clicking the SuperOneClick exe file and click “Run as administrator”. Do a shell root first, then regular root, and reboot. Profit.

    2. My Atrix got stuck at “Waiting for device” and wouldn’t complete. I downloaded the appropriate Motorola Handset driver and installed that package (over the drivers the Atrix includes and get installed when you plug the device in). I installed the 64-bit package, as I have Win 7 64-bit, which I obtained from Moto directly as I am leery of posted files from people I don’t know. However, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up a Motodev account, download the appropriate driver above and verify against the BINARY md5sums I got against original files from Moto:

      a82acd81be16aecd0774f0266ef54707 *Handset_USB_Driver_32_v4.9.0.msi
      624164620b75cc7594811a5ca7de3922 *Handset_USB_Driver_64_v4.9.0.msi

      Installing this driver pack resolved my problem and SuperOneClick performed flawlessly after that.

      1. I am running Win7 32-bit and had the same issue. Installing the .msi referenced here resolved my problem as well.

      2. My windows 7 keeps putting the phone into mass storage mode and I can’t change it without it disconnecting from the phone. It’s really frustrating to say the least.

    1. I have the same question. Should I “Unmount SD card” in the settings even if I select “none” on the USB connection type?

  13. If I root de phone, will it be unlocked to others carriers or I will still need an unlock code? Sorry for the newbie question.

  14. I know I’m probably splitting hairs here, but Debian Squeeze (6.0) is no longer in “testing” as it has been released on February 6, 2011. I only mention this because this article was posted way after Squeeze was released. The current version in “testing” is Wheezy (7.0). Just mentioning this in the event someone comes across this article and is not aware that Squeeze is now the new “stable” Debian. Thanks.

  15. OK. I got the phone on Feb 24th and rooted it the 25th (donated $10 thanks!). Since then I have been trying to enable the wifi hot spot feature, so that I can use my ipad through the phone. Is this possible? I read through the instructions on atrix forum and everything matches up except the part where u enter wap 2.0. Has anyone actually been able to do this (wether wifi or tether via usb)? Please help. Getting frustrated.

  16. I got root with my atrix with no problem, but after I rooted I clicked ” allow non market apps” and it keeps saying FAILED. What am I doing wrong?

    1. you have to pay attetion to your phone the super user thing comes up and u have to click allow and give the program super user rights

  17. i cant get .netframework 2.0 it says that the previous installed version is not compatible with that version. what can i do to root my atrix?

  18. hi im trying to use one super clip and i click root and the program stay on Running psneuter…
    and does nothing more help

  19. SuperOneClick v1.6.5.0
    Killing ADB Server…


    Starting ADB Server…
    * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
    * daemon started successfully *


    Waiting for device…


    Pushing psneuter…
    889 KB/s (585731 bytes in 0.643s)


    chmod psneuter…


    Running psneuter… —— does nothing more

  20. Followed the instructions in the video exactly but keep getting stuck on “running psneuter” Any ideas how to remedy or is it too late? I haven’t pushed through the new update so it should work, right?

    1. Check your USB setting, mine keeps changin to Mass Storage even when i select Motorola Phone Portal like the direction says, i am still searching on this, will let you know if something works.

      1. hi,
        when you say update, you mean update what exactly? I have the same problem and there is nothing going wrong apart from being stuck right there ‘running psneuter…’. Based on the video above I am trying Shell root first but I have tried Root first and either way it gets stuck. Help? if not here my e-mail is If someone can help me sort out this issue I will publish the solution in as many places as I can.


        1. I forgot to mention I have Motohelper installed which came with drivers. I don’t know if this makes any difference.

          My windows is 64bits.


    2. I was having the same problems too. I uninstalled the handset drivers, reinstalled them, then put the USB connection type as “none” then enabled USB Debugging. Ran OneCLickRoot and everything worked perfectly. Hoped this helps!!

      1. Hi, i bought a motorola Atrix In Mexico, and I tried to Root it with superoneclick, and had the same problem with psneuter hanged, what I did was to root with gingerbreak app, I installed it in my atrix via USb cable and it worked to me, Hope it can work with yours too.

        1. estoy asumiendo que eres mexicano, viejo podrias ponerte en contacto conmigo? tambien me gustaria saber como rooteaste tu atrix, compre hace menos de un mes el mio pero me gustaria rootearlo, gracias

          in case i missunderstood I was expecting you to understand what i wrote above, but in few words, i would like to know step by step how you rooted it to do the same to mine which i recently bought, would you get in contact with me? 

          martineri at

      2. Please ignore thish bull shit! its not working wasted 20 mins. for author if you dont know how to do it properly then dont post guid. stupid cunt!

    3. You need to run gingerbreak. Not psneuter. Everyone having trouble with psneuter, should be using GingerBreak. Change it and try again. 

  21. I too get a timeout from psneuter.

    Not sure if it is related, but it looks like the latest “security patch” has set up a firewall on the Atrix. I see that running sshd on my unrooted device fails for port 2222, but works on port 8080, which is used by the web sync app. On port 2222 nmap reports that the port is filtered.

    We’ll need a fresh twist to get a set-UID shell on the Atrix.

  22. Your program worked fine until the latest software upgrade. Now it hangs at “running psnueter”
    Any ideas?

    ps: I did donate :)

  23. SuperOneClick keeps getting stuck at “running psneuter” when I click Shell Root. I saw this was an issue earlier in the comment string but it kinda dissapeared. Please help.

    Thanks in ahead of time for your response!

  24. This should be updated to say to not use SuperOneClick and that if you’ve got the 1.57 update etc. you need to go back to SBF 1.2.6 etc.

  25. alright so used the gingerbreak on 1.5.7 it was successful then used superoneclick to allow non market apps i allow super user permission but still unable to allow non market apps? any suggestions

  26. never mind all i did was reboot the phone and success.
    heres what i did
    1.Followed the steps above using gingerbreak
    2.Used SuperOneClick to allow non market apps super user permission pops up on phone press allow this popped up twice so i allowed twice.
    3.Reboot phone

    now i am enjoying non market apps….

  27. Followed your instructions to the T. When I click on gingerbreak exe, nothing happens. Am I missing something?

  28. Followed your instuctions, now rooted running GreyBlur – 100% awesomeness. Can you tell me what you used to create the ROM?

  29. Installed GingerBreak on the phone without any trouble, but when I run it (on the phone), it keeps trying and trying but no success. It says “this may take a few minutes! Device will reboot on success!” but it just keep “running the exploit” and nothing happens. No reboot for me. Atrix running on 4.1.57, updated it using the “check for update” option on the phone. I’m not using AT&T SIM card on the phone, but a SIM card that works (perfectly) is installed (TIM Brazil). Any help? Oh USB Debugging is active.

  30. Rooted my AT&T atrix but it still won’t let me install .apk files. Says: “this application comes from an unknown source and for your security only applications from trusted sources can be installed”. Any ideas?

    1. i got the same thing. It rooted the phone, re-booted, and i can not install apk files with the same message as Noob…what are we doing wrong?

  31. Anyone get a big data wipe when using this. I used it twice, it wiped out all my apps and backups both times…or is this to be expected?

  32. Thanks a million I swear I’ve been tryin and trying to root my Atrix for a lil while now. But thanks to this I was finally able to do so. I’ve tried to no avail the super one click method. I really wanted the allowance of non-market apps though. Is there a way to achieve that?

  33. i have updated my atrix to 4.1.83 version. will this rooting method works for this updated atrix????

  34. I rooted my phone the day it came out. The problem is that I can’t seem to see the latest updates available to my phone. There also seems to be a problem with giving root permissions to applications.

    Should I try installing this root on top of my existing build or should I remove the root first and then install it?

    If I need to remove the root, how would I go about doing this?

  35. I followed the instructions several times and end up stuck at the same point: nothing happens when I double-click “GingerBreak.exe” :(

  36.  Worked like a charm with Over-the-air updated 4.1.83 Atrix 4G (AT&T)!

    I think a lot of people are not reading the full text and are getting hung up when you double click the gingerbreak.exe and they see nothing on the computer.  It would be a good improvement to add a popup window that says “gingerbreak app installed on phone, please start gingerbreak app on phone!”, or something to that affect.


    1. I think you’re getting the Moto s/w update versions confused with the Android OS versions.
      There is no 4.2.2 update.  The latest Moto update is 4.1.83 which brings the Android OS to version 2.2.2.

      So to answer your question, yes this works with the latest update.  Be FOREWARNED: Running this root program will wipe your internal SD Card (not the one you can take out, but the permanent internal memory).  It deleted all my custom ringtones and all the apps I had transfered to my internal SD card.  It doesn’t mess with your contacts, SMS, calendar, etc, but it does with anything stored on the internal SD card.

      Here’s what has been changed.

      Update 2: Firmware version update to 4.1.83 (Android 2.2.2), and includes the following improvements:
      2G/EDGE mobile hotspot capabilityIncreased potential data speedsYahoo! E-mail enabled over Wi-FiThese software updates need to be installed in order, and are available to users via Wi-Fi only for the first 100 days. AT&T recommends that all Motorola Atrix 4G users update their device to take advantage of these improvements.

  37. Procedure worked exactly as described!  Super easy and quick! I also agree with Ds Tech.
    Thank you!

  38. I have a 4g Atrix at & t with version 1.83, follow the instructions, but as I look if this root? I can somehow make thetering? Thanks.

  39. my atrix is rooted running system version 4.1.26. can i use this program to upgrade my system version?

  40. I think I have my Atrix rooted now, but I can’t figure out how to enable sideloading of apps. There is no check box for allow unknown sources. However, superuser did install to my phone. Any thoughts?

    1.  Well actually I did get the allow unknown sources but to do so I had to buy the “Non Market Apps Enabler” app. My next question though, is that I read that gingerbreak is supposed to have an unroot function. Mine does not give me that option though. Although applications which state the device needs to be rooted to work do work.

  41. Thanks, I ran Gingerbread and am rooted (at least I assume I am rooted — how do I know the Atrix is now rooted).


    After it is rooted, do I

    1)  Remove the Gingerbread ap?

    2)  GO back into Settings > Development and turn USB Debugging OFF?



  42. This process worked for me on an Orange UK stock Atrix, however it wiped my internal storage. Luckily I didn’t have much on there, but make sure you back up your storage before rooting.

  43. beautiful guys.. i love it thanks alot! easiest root install ive ever done.. anndd these directions are so easy and simple to follow you have to e completely incompetant to not know what to do.

  44. Okay, so I just tried to install this rom from gladatrix rom and I ran into a bootloop.  When I saw the flashing red lights, I saw that it meant a soft brick.. Wen’t over to the sticky roll-ups and found out that I can simply access recovery manually, etc…   Here’s what I did to get gingerblur 4 to work w/o having to reflash ANYTHING.   Try at your own risk and expense.

    1. Pull battery & reinsert.

    2. Follow these steps by rev12:
    Enter Fastboot:
    Hold Volume down + power until you see Fastboot at the top left

    Use volume down to scroll down to “Android Recovery” (only shows one item at a time, if you pass it, keep going down, up selects)

    Press Volume up to select “Android Recovery”

    Once the android / triangle / exclamation point comes up, tap the bottom right of the screen right above the search key.

    Enjoy Recovery!

    3. Once in recovery, go to wipe data/factory reset and follow on screen options.

    4. Once its done, reboot & pull battery.

    5. Once again, reinsert battery and power on + volume down until fastboot appears.

    6. Scroll down to “Early USB Enumeration” and press volume up.  

     For some reason, this reinstalled the rom’s framework and prevented me from going into further bootloops. After rebooting & powering off over and over again to see if this was simply a random break in software, I am still enjoying root privileges + gingerblur 4.

  45. I was able to root it. I’m on 1.8.3. However I can’t install some apps because they aren’t safe? Do I need to enable sideloading? If so, how?

  46. Well, I even have gotten gingerbreak v1.1 installed as an app on my 2.2.2 Atrix 4G… SuperOneClick sits on stupid at gingerbreak and running on the phone does nothing….

  47. Every time I try the link to Gingerbreak my antivirus (kaspersky) declares it to have a trojan and blocks it.  Advice please…

  48. I think I success to root my Atrix 4G with GingerBreak but it’s not sideloaded.  Please help.

  49. Tried to root and again, the internal storage of Atrix has been deleted.
    You should make a stick on the page saying that.

  50. hi I have same problem -can’t rooting
    I’ve try gingerbreak and psneuter both get hanged (on screen shown Ok
    then below Runing gingerbreak and also shown other black screen -stack
    anyone can help PLEASE because I like phone but I’m pist off already and
    thinking to go back to HTC coz can run any application with out rooting

  51. hi i was would like to ask if some one could send me a link or a how to rood my new atrix 4g it has 4.1,83  when i bought it from att i need download files too cant find any sent to  please and thank you for your time and concern

  52. I am using the first set of instructions with the gingerbreak program and when I run GingerBreak I get a message that reads “Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file.  You may not have the appropriate permissions to access them.”  I have followed all the instructions up to that point but get stopped there.  Can anyone help me with this?  Thank you!!!

  53. when i try to open the gingerbread.apk on my phone it gives me this message…Security Warning – This application come from an Unknown Source, and for your security only applications from trusted sources can be installed…

    how do i get past this?

    1. update your phone via system updates preference if your phone is still stock, now you’re given the option to get applications from unknown sources

  54. I got a problem when I do the /preinstall/dosu command.
    It says “bash: groups: command not found”

    Any solution?

    1. instead of typing dosu type in su


      i saw this in another post, different file but similar instructions, worked out, after that just follow along with it and it should work. the first time it didn’t work for me, i just restarted my phone and tried it again.

  55. This is going to be my first time ever rooting a Atrix, actually first time ever rooting a phone.  Any tips?

  56. Please teach me: how to unroot my atrix if I followed the above procedure to root the device?

    Can I use gingerbreak to unroot even though I didn’t use it to root my atrix?

  57. Just rooted Moto Atrix 4G. with android version2.3.4 / system version4.5.91 followed the steps as they are.  however the first hang up was the >/preinstall/dosu/preinstall/su< and from there on rooted my phone and received superuser app. now i need to find out what to do next :) first time android user

  58. after “fastboot reboot” is it supposed to still be in fastboot?
    Phone seems to start normally.
    I used /su…..
    None of the other commands seemed to do anything—–
    had some prompt like-> root@localhost*

  59. I type chmod 6755 /system/bin/su, it said ,it can’t find the file,
    so I type chmod 6755/system/bin/su, no space after 5 ,
    it seems work, because I type the final direction, it shows sucess ,
    but it the busybox doesn’t work.

    It says I have to root it…

    I root again, but failed,it said already exist…

    What can I do?????

  60. Worked for me* (System Version 4.5.91 (2.3.4)) 

    *In step 6, you have to type “/preinstall/dosu” then “/preinstall/su” (minus the parentheses of course :) and it works.

    First thing I installed was Amazon App Store!

  61. Tested and working on a 100% charged AT&T Motorola Atrix 4G running 4.5.91 and Android version 2.3.4 that has never been rooted. I also had the external SD card in. This is what I did:

    Make a folder called root on C:/ like it says.

     Extract all the content from the ADR fastboot package into the C:/root folder and drop the image file as well.

     Follow the steps but when you get to step 6 enter the command   /preinstall/dosu    first and then enter   /preinstall/su

    After that continue with the rest of the steps and the word “Sucess” will pop up in the command prompt.

    Thats all! :) Hope it helps!

    1. Hi (Atrix 4G running 4.5.91 and Android version 2.3.4)
      What prompt should there be after step 6.?
      ( after
      adb shell
      I get
      then after
      I get
      and when I type
      /bin/mount /system -o remount,rw
      I get
      /bin/mount /system:  not found

      Am I confusing spaces or not inserting them?

  62. i accidentally deleted the phone portal.apk through root explorer can
    someone please send me a link with the file i looked all over the net
    and could not find anything … pleaseee someone help me!!!  

  63. Can we clarify where there are spaces in the instructions?
    Can someone repost accentuating the spacing so we can be sure where there is a space, it would really help since I can’t tell if I’m missing something as I can’t get further after Step 6.

  64. i was trying to root my atrix the other day and i got to step 4 and it sits at “sending ‘preinstall'” (32768 kb).. anyone know if its suppose to sit there a while or if im doing somthing wrong

  65. i got success after about 2 hours of forehead massaging. lol. if you have trouble with the adb shell cammand, try typing just adb and then adb shell. it worked for me anyways. And I had to type preinstall/su instead of /preinstall/dosu. And USB debugging is in settings: applications: development, not settings: applications.

  66. Got to the last step and it says Superuser.apk already exists and it appears to not be rooted, is there a way to delete the Superuser.apk? I think this was from a previous root.

  67. Never mind, Had to reboot afterwards…thanks for the info, worked like a charm. I had better luck with the commands if I used the cut and paste from this tutorial to the dos window. Good luck to all.

  68. Superuser from the Market had to be installed before I could run /preinstall/su . Then after the last input it said failure Superuser already installed. Used Root Checker to verify and my Atrix is now rooted! :D

  69. 1. The way to root Atrix 2.2.2 & 2.3.4:

    Download files from link :

    6 files included: tool root – 04 file drivers – and Manual file (VietNamese)

    – Chose drivers file ( OS 32b or 64b ).

    – Install drivers on your computer – connect your phone to computer
    –> change connect to “None” on your phone & Enable “USB

    – Unzip MotorolaOneClickRoot_psouza4

    – Run file MotorolaOneClickRoot.exe

    – Your phone will restart 2 times

    ( If you run Win7 you should use “run as administrator” , should disable your Anti virus if have any trouble )

    2. ROMs & update Roms: ( special thanks to daywalker04 )

    – Tools: – Unzip and zip tool for roms: NenGiaiNen —

    – RSD Lite( flash rom tool) :

    – Roms ( You can flash on Atrix Korea) : Roms_Atrix_korean —

    (Remember! Never downgrade from 2.3.4 to 2.2.2 or 2.2.1 – Your phone will be brick forever).

    3. How to flash rom:

    – Backup all data to your computer.

    – Download & setup RSDlite 5.5

    – Format Internal SD & Ext SD card ==> Recommend

    – Turn off your phone. ( Don’t connect your phone with computer)

    – Presh 3 buttons at the same time: power & volumn -/+ –> Your phone will show ” … RSD….. ”

    – Connect your phone with your computer.

    – Run RSDlite 5.5

    – Browse to SBF file ( rom file) that you want to flash ( button … ) –> Chose “start” to begin

    – Wait about 15″ .


    4.Other tools for Atrix: Atrix Tool —

    – Motrola_Software_Update.exe : for OTA update .

    – RSDLite5.5: Flash rom tool

    _ Outlook4GmailSetup.exe: Help you sync contact from microsoft outlook with gmail account

    5. Games: Games_Tegra2.rar –

    – Games Apk cracked.

    – Games : Hungry shark, Spider man, 9mm, avata, armaII, dungeon, fast5,
    home run batte , lét golf 2, magic gem, raging thunder 2, samurai II,
    shrek karting, star front, tracer, ….. and more

  70. when it says extract the adb fastbook package to your c: drive, it that on the computer on my phone, sorry if this is a stupid question

  71. worked good…=) successfully rooted my atrix just with the steps above…and i have 2.3.4  with build 4.5.91  thanks a lot!!

  72. Hello Guys, First thank you very much for the post. Let me describe my experience:

    I have an Att Atrix 4g, Andoid 2.3.4.

    When I turned off my cellphone plugged on USB, it rebooted instead of turn off, then i took out the usb, turned off, plugged the USB cable again, and then Held down the power button and downward volume button until I saw “Fastboot”.
       The message “Fastboot initializing…” did not disappear, but I began the steps under this message.
       OK, i did the step 1,2,3 and 4. My phone didnt turned on with the USB plugged. Just took out and turned on again!
       Step 6
       /preinstall/dosu didnt work, i used /preinstall/su
       I got happy when I saw the SUCCESS message!
       Tks fellows!

  73. Hi,
    I rooted my phone using this method several months ago and it worked great.  But now Bell has a new update v2.3.6 but it keeps failing on my phone.  Did a factory reset and it still fails.  Could rooting this way be causing the update to fail and if so how do i undo it?

    1.  I have found if you were previously rooted and updated without completely removing all traces of root from your phone; this method will fail. You can try flashing an sbf (what i did) and then uninstalling superuser like you would uninstall any other app. Another method if you don’t feel comfortable with sbf’s, you can try downloading the Motorola Software Update Tool which should allow you to reinstall the current software version you are on (did this when I accidentally screwed up the cardock app and couldn’t fix it). Anyway you decided to do it should romoved all traces of root. Once that is done you should be able to use the fastboot method.

  74. I’m stuck with ” ” in cmd window after i type in: fastboot flash preinstall root.img. I’m in Fastboot. Someone help plz

  75. After entering the adb shell command, I only get a $ at the prompt and when I try /preinstall/dosu at that prompt I get nothing and no further action. Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong?

      1. try doing /preinstall/su for me it said Permission Denied but it might work for you, somebody wanna tell me why i keep getting permission denied?

  76. Worked brilliant, thank you. (Atrix 2.3.4 – Telstra)

    For ”
    /preinstall/dosu”, I had to replace “dosu” with just “su”

    So the command reads as follows:


  77. i need help. i got the fast boot and my phone says starting fast boot protocol support but when i try to type the commands it wont work, is there something i need to do before rooting my phone or anything im not doing?

  78. I was getting an error:  $ /preinstall/dosu was giving bash: groups: command not found…  i retried it a few times, then skipped it and continued on and it still worked fine…  Might want to edit saying ignore any errors you get during that part…

  79. Please help! once i got to the command (fastboot flash preinstall root.img) “fastboot is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

    please help what am i doing wrong ?

  80. Works great! May want to add in there that you will get an error message after typing /preinstall/dosu says “bash: groups: command not found” threw me off for a bit. The error can be safely ignored.

  81. I can’t figure out how to “extract” the files. does that mean download? also, I think it’s stuck on the fast boot screen

  82. Thanks Kenneth. The above instructions did perfectly root my Motorola
    Atrix (previously rooted but lost root after updated to Android Version

    The final command did result in the command line message
    “PATH=/system/bin:$PATH pm install /preinstall/Superuser.apk

    Nonetheless, my Atrix was rooted and
    obviously the message was because I had the SuperUser app left over from the
    previous Android 2.2 version.

    Cheers and keep up the good work.

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