Mobile Technology Uses For Emergency Situations

Filed under Guides by Adam Torkildson on August 3, 2017 at 9:30 AM

It’s always a good idea to plan ahead for emergency situations. Have some sort of a script you’re going to follow in the event of a catastrophe. Create a checklist in case of some type of damaging event. But, a tool that you can use in a far more real-time type of situation would be mobile technology.

Consider for a minute situations that would require an emergency dispatch, a weather alert, some kind of official on the spot reporting, or even crowdsourced uploads. Mobile technology, specifically the ability to upload video or audio in real time using basic and common cell phones, adds a huge benefit for people in terms of emergency management.

Emergency Dispatch

If there is an emergency in a remote area, and especially if that emergency means that a primary source of communication, like a landline, has gone down, how do you contact emergency dispatch? The answer is, if you have a mobile device, you can use cell tower and Wi-Fi technology to get a hold of all of the necessary parties. Emergency dispatch requirements can happen in police work, medical situations, or even commercial occurrences, where the power being down could create potential for disaster quite quickly. The point is, knowing that you have mobile technology at your disposal allows a greater amount of flexibility when it comes to this dispatch process.

Weather Alerts

And how about weather alerts? With mobile technology, you can take a picture of a tornado and upload it to local news station. Or, you can get weather alerts on your phone, and if you keep your phone in your pocket, which essentially means that you have real-time information about any possible weather conditions coming your way. The accuracy of some weather alerts now are almost down to the minute when it comes to things like rain starting or severe weather coming in.

Official On the Spot Reporting

In the not-too-distant past, official news organizations had to bring a ton of equipment with them in order to do official on the spot reporting. However, with the onset of new mobile technology and the power that it brings your pocket, much less equipment is now used to get the same quality of results. Official reporting can now be done with a skeleton crew and a few mobile phones, and that provides a tremendous amount of flexibility for accurate presentations of news.

Crowdsourced Uploads

And finally, if there is an emergency situation where no major news broadcasts are available, people can take video and upload it to central servers using their phones and give a broad perspective on any sort of situation. You can think of it like a city all uploading videos about an earthquake that has occurred in their area. With a few dozen people utilizing mobile phones to cover the disaster, a great amount of knowledge is put into a central archive quickly and efficiently.

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