Mobile Technology Trends For 2017

Filed under News by Adam Torkildson on October 10, 2017 at 5:51 AM

It is beneficial to stay in the know when it comes to mobile technology trends, especially if you are a small business entrepreneur.  More and more, small businesses are investing their marketing efforts into mobile technology.  

To keep up with the industry in which you operate, it vital that you remain connected to the trends and changes brought about by the development of mobile technologies.  Mobile tech has saturated almost every aspect of our modern lives, and the business world is beginning to tune in.  

Take a moment to read through this brief synopsis of a few of the most popular mobile technology trends we have seen thus far in 2017.  

Mobile security is a top priority for developers

The more we use our mobile devices for commerce and other activities that require compromising financial information to be provided, the more we will see a spike in the development of mobile security.  

It makes perfect sense.  People want more reliable security when they are making delicate transactions via their mobile hotspot.  Carrying your internet with you requires heightened security defenses.  

Small business mobile applications are on the rise

Many major business brands have been exponentially expanded by the development of a mobile application.  Starbucks, Domino’s, and even 7-11 stores have had phenomenal success with their mobile apps.  

The famed saying, “There’s an app for that,” is coming to full fruition in 2017.  Almost half of all small businesses are expected to capitalize on the development of a functional mobile application.

Augmented reality apps are beginning to catch on

After the launch of the popular Niantic game, Pokemon Go, augmented reality was taken to a new level.  AR was formerly considered a flashy, gimmicky add-on that was only used to boost game downloads.  

This year, developers discovered the beauty of integrating AR technology into their Utility Apps.  Augmented reality can add a new dimension to the functionality of an application or device, and it excellent for raising engagement.

Location based services are becoming more useful

Location based services are a little creepy to the common mobile user, but they help businesses know better when and where to place their marketing efforts.  

LBS has advanced to the point that through the use of geofencing, businesses have the ability to know when a customer is close to their store.  With this information, they can send special offers that have the ability to be uniquely tailored to the user’s habits and preferences.

Android instant apps are all the new rage

Android instant apps are great, because they offer businesses a chance to reach further with their mobile app developments.  Web users have the ability to access and utilize a company’s mobile application without downloading the content on their mobile phone.  It is as simple as going to a website.

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