Mobile Technology That Will Assist Small Business Owners

Filed under News by Adam Torkildson on March 8, 2017 at 8:18 AM

Owning a small business is a large undertaking.  Thankfully, there are hundreds of technology-driven tools that are designed to assist business owners with daily duties and responsibilities.  Business professionals typically have a close relationship with their mobile devices, so these apps come in handy.

The hard part of choosing the most suitable and helpful mobile applications as a business owner is narrowing down the long list of available apps.  We are here to make that decision a bit easier.  Here is a short summary of some of the most useful mobile apps to boost the life of the busy business owner.


Turn those nasty expense accounts from scary to simple with a simple mobile application.  Utilizing this app allows individuals to keep track of their expenditures and miles traveled with the touch of a button.  For the small business owners who travel a lot for the company, Expensify is the best-suited application.


The Square is a free solution to the small business owner’s mobile charging needs.  All a person has to do to receive their free Square device is download the application and enter a small bit of information.

The Square allows small business owners to take payments while away from the office using their mobile device.  There is no monthly fee for the service, but the company charges 2.75 percent per transaction.


Evernote is the most comprehensive note-taking application on the market.  Not being contained strictly to the mobile world, Evernote will easily sync with a user’s desktop for at-home analysis of notes and to-do lists.

Evernote is best for group conversations and creative brainstorming sessions.  Keep all those stray thoughts in order with one simple, hand-held solution.

Google Drive

The Google Drive has become almost necessary tools for small business owners.  Google Drive allows collaborative file sharing, editing, and creation.  It is excellent for small business owners who work with a team of remote partners.  Professionals can safely and securely transfer sensitive information via the Drive with lightning speed.


Uber is a small business owners dream.  Not only can individuals sign up for Uber and work for themselves making a fair income, but Uber is a cheaper solution to traveling in the city.

Taxi cabs have become outrageously priced in the past decade, and Uber has come along to ease that financial burden for small business owners everywhere.


The contacts list of a small business owner can be extensive and difficult to navigate, but Addappt is a mobile application that adds organization and accessibility to the business owner’s address book.
One of the nicest functions of this application is that contacts have the ability to edit their own information in the event of change personally.  Addappt saves business owners time, and time is a precious commodity.

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