Mobile Technology of the Future: Health and Safety As Priorities

Filed under Research by Adam Torkildson on May 25, 2017 at 7:27 AM

The idea of mobile technology occasionally takes hits as being distracting, or as allowing people to prioritize things that are not in their immediate surroundings. Though that can be negative certainly, there are tremendous number of things that mobile technology brings to the future in terms of health and safety because of how constantly available connections are so prevalent in modern life.

A few examples of mobile technology prioritizing health and safety include how telemedicine is working, how self driving cars are coming to fruition, how finding lost children or property is becoming easier, how legal implications of mobile technology are helping people in many fields and under certain criminal situations, and how mobile technology is being used in emergency management situations.


Healthcare is a gigantic issue right now. And the medical industry is trying to help out with that by creating telemedicine opportunities. There are also two different ways this is coming into play in the modern world, but simply having access to doctors, nurses, and information via mobile technology is going to allow for a huge improvement and standard of living in this coming generation.

GPS and Self-Driving Capability

Self driving cars are all over the news. And one of the things that is being promoted along with the technology is the fact that they are far safer than having human drivers on the road. Because of mobile technology, because of GPS technology – once there are more self driving cars on the road, the number of accidents is going to go down significantly, making it a healthier driving environment for everyone.

Finding Lost Kids or Property

In terms of safety, every parent’s nightmare is losing their kids somewhere. However, as children younger and younger are starting to carry mobile technology with them, this is becoming less of a possibility. With basic, free trackers, parents can now know exactly where their children are. Though this might be a little bit of an issue with teenagers or people trying to find freedom in the world, at least for younger children this is a huge sense of security for many parents.

Legal Implications of Mobile Tech

Another thing to pay attention to in the world of health and safety involves legal implications. Because cell phone technology is so ubiquitous now, if you start unlocking the phones and mobile devices used by criminals, you can obtain a lot of data that can help prevent future crime, as well as being used in a court of law in many cases.

Emergency Management Via Social Means

Emergency management is always a little bit of a chaotic pursuit. However, because mobile technology is in use by a good chunk of the population now, anyone involved in emergency management has access to raw data as long as they know how to connect with people socially in these emergency situations. The more you prepare for and is round, the better the results are going to be.

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