Mobile Technology is Changing the Commercial Transportation Industry

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Mobile technology and apps have brought many new and refreshing changes to consumers’ lives. People can use apps to listen to music, communicate, and arrange ride shares and commutes. While mobile apps are a fact of life for consumers, the use of the tech has been quite dubious for the commercial sector. That has rapidly changed in recent times. Mobile tech and mobile apps are taking over the world of commercial transportation and changing the daily operations of trucking all together.

An App is Making the Unglamorous Life of Trucking Actually Efficient

The life of a trucker is tough, to say the least. Truckers spend days and even months on the road away from their families and that is the least frustrating aspect of the job. Non-truckers typically think that all truckers do is pick up a load and drive it to a destination. In real life, truckers spend more time arranging load dispatches than driving. Before a load can be picked up, truckers have to fill out a flurry of paperwork and make dozens of phone calls to various people just to arrange the load. This often means spending personal time going through a long list of contacts.

A new app called HWY Pro is hoping to change all that for truckers. The app was developed by a trio that includes business entrepreneur Bill Busbice. Mr. Busbice, alongside two colleagues, once owned Ace Transportation, a highly ranked trucking company that served the oil and gas industry. Busbice has been a well-respected professional in the trucking industry for many years and understands the industry inside and out. His years of experience helped immensely in the development of HWY Pro.

HWY Pro makes it possible for truckers to arrange tens of thousands of loads using just an app. Truckers can arrange a single load in less than six fingertip taps on the phone. Gone are the hours spent calling shippers and dispatchers, and filling out paper forms. HWY Pro eliminates most needs for phone calls and paperwork. Overall, HWY Pro makes truckers’ lives more efficient.

Trucker Can “Just Drive” with HWY Pro

Mr. Busbice says, with HWY Pro, truckers can “just drive” and not spend time worrying about other things. Dispatches can be arranged in less than an hour, so truckers can spend time at home with family, instead of calling people. HWY Pro makes the trucking life much less stressful for operators and even other involved parties.

HWY Pro is Ready to Address Major Problems for the Trucking Industry

The trucking sector is facing a major driver shortage. By 2025, the industry could face a driver shortage of up to 25 percent, according to Mr. Busbice. That is a serious problem, which could negatively impact commercial goods transportation as a whole. Interestingly enough, apps like HWY Pro are on the front lines to battle problems like driver shortage. HWY Pro takes most of the stress and fusses out of being a trucker. Apps like this can encourage new drivers to join the notoriously stressful industry.

Mobile technology is indeed changing the future of many things as we know them. It will also continue to change the way business is done in ways we didn’t think possible, as shown by HWY Pro.

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